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Tips to Follow When Buying Travel Insurance for Europe

Europe is a popular destination for family holidays and solo trips. It is also frequented by business travellers on a regular basis these days. But Europe travel can be expensive. It can especially be true if you encounter any health emergency during your trip and find the cost of treatments to be comparatively higher than what you are used to in India. Not to mention other hassles one can encounter while travelling, such as flight delays, booking cancellations, lost baggage etc.

So, it is important to buy the right travel insurance for your European trip.

Choose the Right Plan

This goes beyond saying but the right coverage must be your top priority when buying travel insurance.

It is important to choose travel insurance based on the nature of your holiday. Are you planning to visit the Scandinavian countries in the winters and indulge in adventure sports like skiing? Are you planning a museum and history trip across central or southern Europe? Is it a beach holiday in Europe or are you travelling only to the UK? The destination and the nature of the holiday are top considerations when looking at the ideal coverage for your trip.

Travel insurance is mandatory if you are visiting the Schengen countries in Europe. Schengen countries are 26 countries in Europe that have abolished visa and passport requirements and border controls for all the member nations.

Most insurance companies do not cover adventure sports-related injuries. So, you need to keep this point in mind when looking at coverage options.

You also need to choose the plan as per the size of the family included in the plan. When buying family travel insurance for Europe, inquire beforehand about the maximum number of members (usually 6) that can be covered in the plan.

If your children are travelling with you then ensure that your plan provides benefits such as daily cash allowance for hospitalisation, emergency dental treatments, and medical evacuation. Also, thoroughly inquire about all kinds of medical emergencies covered in the Europe travel insurance plans available with your insurer.

Compare Costs

When buying travel insurance, it is better not to buy it based on the premium amount. First, look at the coverage; and then check if the costs compare well to the benefits offered to you.

Medical costs can be higher in some European countries. This can increase the premium amount for your travel insurance if those European destinations are part of your itinerary.

If you travel multiple times in a year to Europe on business or other trips then you can opt for multi-trip plans and save money on the premium amount. You can compare travel plans offered by different insurance companies and make an informed choice for self and family.

Go Beyond the Coverage

When looking for travel insurance, also consider other services offered by the insurer. For example, when finding assistance in a foreign country, you need an insurance company that offers excellent 24/7 support. You should also be able to buy travel insurance without undergoing medical tests (especially if you are under 75) and easily.

Finally, remember to read about the exclusions of a policy. Remember that insurers usually don’t cover hospitalization due to self-harm or any accident that might occur under the influence of drugs or alcohol. So, read the terms and conditions carefully and then make a decision.

The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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