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Things to look to avoid travel related scams before next trip

Like we always say be prepared for the worst, even in case of travelling abroad it’s important to be aware of possible scammers who could simply ruin your much planned trip. We have often come across situations where in the tourist is either fooled or simply misguided, leading to huge financial loss. This becomes a more evident practice when you land up in a foreign land with a few local contacts and you tend to rely on strangers for assistance. That’s when they come in picture and make the most out of their evil intentions. Remember you will always be vulnerable to such scam, hence always be precautionary while doing each and every activity.

To keep such scammers at bay and ensure your trip gives you good memories only there are few tips that need to be followed:

Say No to Freebies

Though this may sound unpleasant but it’s always a good practice to avoid accepting free entry passes or free souvenirs. Often people who initially approach you with these freebies end up asking for money once you accept it and then often quarrel or create a chaos if you refrain from paying them.

Broken Taxi Meter

The cab drivers that arrive at the airport to pick new passengers are often the one who pull off this stunt cunningly. They will ask for double or triple the actual fare and say that this is the increased fare. Beware they often tune up their meter in such a way that it displays a higher fare. To avoid such situations always opt for a prepaid taxi so that you pay in advance the fixed amount for your destination and there is no scope of further negotiations. You can also book online cabs so that the services are offered by reputed agencies and you are not conned.

Misleading Stays

While you shortlist the perfect hotel for your stay, always research on google map, to know the distance and its proximity from important destinations. By doing this you will save time and money for reaching prominent destinations every now and then. Also, read the reviews about the hotels written by genuine guests you will get a fair idea of how the hotel actual is than what it’s shown on their website.  Often hotels make promising statements by saying you will get a hill view stay or river facing stay but they end up giving a wall facing room so always clarify on what category of room you will be allocated.

Cunning Guides

Many local guides often get a huge commission if they get the tourist to a shopping arena. The shopkeepers pay him/her on the basis of footfalls they get. This could often be a trap for the tourists as these guides tell the tourists that a particular attraction is closed so they can spend some time shopping. This not only hampers your travel plan but also creates unnecessary delays.

Selfie Helps

We always say self help is the best help, but do we follow it religiously? We often want that perfect picture against leaning tower of Pisa and end up giving our camera to a stranger. This practice is way too common. But, wait let me tell you that this stranger turned friend who pretends to be kind enough to click a good picture may simply run away with your camera in a fraction of seconds. You will end up losing all your pictures and the valuable gadget too. Take a selfie stick along or ask your guide to click pictures for you.

Deals too Good to be True

Shopping is our must-do thing on the list while travelling, the feeling of getting a part of the place is bliss. However, you need to be careful enough to understand the genuineness of the stuff that you wish to buy. Often tourists buy expensive stones, artifacts and a carpet thinking it’s the local handmade thing and holds a great value but the shopkeeper is running a clearance sale so he is giving you a good deal. Be cautious you might pay him triple the actual amount only to realize later that it’s nothing more than a piece of rug or a glass made stone which holds no value in actual. So have someone who is an expert in identifying such stuff before concluding the sale.

Card and Cash Fraudulent

Often traveler’s cheque is considered as a reliable way to exchange services or buy stuff in an overseas destination; however we are very much accustomed of using cards and cash. Often the ATM machines have scanner devices to read your details as many ATMs allow cash dispensing without cards. Even the disguised security guard may just offer a help and run away with the cash dispensed. Often go to the ATM with a friend or withdraw money at a crowded location, where such actions may not take place. Check for the currency before entering the new country, if you are found using fake currency the govt. might book you against forgery charges.

Final Message

Though travelling is a soul filling activity and gives us that much-needed break from routine, remember it calls for vigilance and alertness too. Without which you might end up jeopardizing your savings and spoil the travel plan totally.

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