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Importance Of Travel Insurance While Travelling With Children

There is nothing more enjoyable than travelling to new and exotic locations with your kids. I am going to make sure that when I have kids, they are going to see the wonders of the world – from snowing Himalayan ranges, sunny and sandy beaches to crowded street markets with interesting trinkets and inflated prices!

However, the joys of travel can blind us to the potential risks our young ones face. Little ones can seem old and wise beyond their age when they talk but make no mistake – they are still children that need the careful attention and protection offered by parents and family members, especially when they find themselves in foreign lands, new locations and amidst strange people. Let us take a quick look at 5 major risks while travelling with kids and how family travel insurance can help you keep your little ones safe.

  • Potential for physical harm or unexpected accidents: Be acutely aware of the scope for physical harm in the places you plan to visit and prepare for them accordingly. If your travel involves adventure sports like sky diving, scuba diving and jet-skiing, please check with experts the age requirements for the activities. If you are visiting water bodies, ensure that the places have life jackets and if not, take your own. Ensure that hotel rooms are sufficiently child proofed – high walls or grills for balconies, blunt corners for furniture and other kid-friendly modifications.
  • Risk of infection through food and water: You may be keen on exploring new and exciting cuisines but please ensure that the food being served is fresh and that the place is frequented by locals. Also, ensure that the food does not contain any allergens that may affect your child. Always ask the cook about all the ingredients. It is also wise to carry and consume bottled water to avoid the risk of infection.
  • Presence of adequate child safety restraints: While travelling, always ensure that your kid is fastened with a seat belt or at the minimum, keep them close and by your side.
  • Loss of travel documents: Your kids don’t know how important passports and identity documents are. Best to keep them on your person at all times.
  • Unknown strangers: Keep your kids close at all times and educate them about the risks of unknown people and unknown places. Teach them to immediately alert you when a stranger says or does something that makes them uncomfortable.

Considering how these risks are ever present during your travel, it is a wise choice to invest in family floater travel insurance plans that provide travel insurance coverage for your entire family including your little ones. HDFC ERGO offers the most attractive family travel insurance plans in the market. They provide wholesome coverage against most risks your kids face and provide you complete peace of mind no matter where you go.

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