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How to Claim Insurance for Lost Baggage ?

Arriving at your destination just to know that your baggage has gone missing is the last thing one might expect, isn’t it? Be it a first time traveler or a frequent flyer this situation is no less than a nightmare. Let’s understand the possibilities of baggage loss. While travelling from one country to another, your baggage may go missing due to disembarking from airbus, stolen from the baggage collection belt or lost en route. Whatsoever be the reason, lost baggage may suddenly create a panic state and disturb you itinerary. Probably that’s the moment when you realize how important it is to have travel insurance for baggage.

Before zeroing the best option you must look for the coverage offered by travel insurance for checked in baggage so that you know the amount you can claim maximum to secure your luggage while travelling abroad. You must always opt for a travel insurance which covers delayed baggage. What happens when you have a travel insurance and your checked in baggage goes missing? How does the claim process take place? There are two scenarios either your baggage gets lost temporarily or permanently.

In case of temporary loss travel insurance companies give you reimbursement for the purchase of meals, medicines and personal necessities you tend to buy in the interim. However, in case of a permanent loss of baggage one needs to wait for 24 Hrs. In the meanwhile the airline tries to locate the baggage and gives you a tracking card. If they are unable to locate and deliver your baggage you stand eligible to raise a travel insurance lost luggage claim.

Your insurer will ask you for all the documents such as boarding pass, tickets, luggage details and the tracking card. You may also have to submit the proof of purchases. Post verification they will confirm your claim status and reimburse the maximum amount as per the policy coverage. Though the process may sound tedious with HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance you can simply take it easy.

Instead of choosing merely travel and baggage insurance you can choose HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance plan which not only offers travel and baggage insurance but also secured your medical emergencies.

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