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How to Avoid Rejection on Travel Insurance Claim ?

There are several things that can go wrong during a vacation, some of which are beyond our control – a medical emergency, death or a lost baggage. For holidays that do not go as planned, a travel insurance at hand can give us an extra protection and peace of mind. In an unlikely situation if you have to make the claim, here is what you need to know.

Reasons for rejection of claims

  • Missing bills

It is important that you submit all the bills and documents while making a claim. Your insurer needs a proof of everything you have claimed for; a failure to provide that may lead to a rejection of claims.

  • Failure to read the fine print

When you buy a travel insurance, invest some time in reading the terms and conditions well. Not reading it carefully may lead you to misinterpret the benefits, leading you to claim for something you may not be eligible for, hence having your claim rejected.

  • Not sharing your medical history

It is vital that you document your correct medical history so that the right insurance amount can be determined. A failure to do that may lead to receiving less than what you spent or an absolute claim rejection.

  • Not being informed about policy exclusions

One needs to have a thorough research and find the most suitable insurance as every insurance may differ in exclusions. While most insurance companies do not accept traveler insurance claims for events occurred under the influence of alcohol or drugs, many of them also do not cover accidents during adventure sports. So, make sure you are well informed.

  • Travelling to places with ‘travel warnings’

If you choose to head to a place where a travel warning has already been issued, it is most likely that a claim filed for an event occurred there will not be accepted.

How to make sure your claim is not rejected?

  • Avoid alcohol abuse

Insurance companies refuse claims for events occurred under the influence of alcohol, so it is suggested to avoid intoxication when you are travelling.

  • Take care of your possessions

Leaving your valuables unattended is considered negligence on your part leading to a rejection in claim.

  • Know your policy well

For a successful travel insurance claim, be aware of the terms and conditions of your policy. Read the agreement thoroughly and know well about the inclusions and exclusions.

  • Be honest about medical history

It is vital that you disclose your entire medical history to your insurer before you purchase the insurance. Some policies exclude a treatment for pre-existing conditions and it is important that you are aware of them.

  • Be meticulous with paper work

Sometimes even the most genuine of claims may be rejected due to poor filing of paper work. So include necessary bills, receipts and other reliable documentation.

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