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Going on Road Trip? Know about Insurance Policy for You

Have you finally achieved the travel milestone which you had been planning for some time now - a road trip with your partner, buddies or family?

Well, it might seem difficult to find suitable dates, take out sufficient number of days and do bookings for the Road trip. And finally when the plan gets sealed , you might heave a sigh of relief but don’t sit back until you have road trip travel insurance.

Why is it important? Well, as much as road trips are perfect for exhilaration, adventure and numerous memories, one can also meet with an unfortunate accident, car breakdown or any unexpected situation that might hinder the plan.

Here is what your travel insurance policy covers so that your road trips are fully secured:

  • Get instant financial help up to INR 50,000 in India and INR 1, 00, 000 abroad in order to reimburse your hotel bills or return journey in case you have to make an emergency stay on the way or are unable to continue the journey due to some unfortunate reason.

  • If you happen to lose your wallet including all your cards during the journey, with one call, you can instantly cancel all cards and ensure safety of your funds.

  • The policy covers any loss due to personal accidents, accidental hospitalization, and cancellation of trips, home burglary, bounced hotel bookings, and loss of baggage up to INR 3, 00, 000.

  • The policy assures 24*7 on-road assistance in case your vehicle breaks down. You can avail support in the form of assistance over the phone, towing assistance, facilities like battery jumpstart and more.

  • With the policy, you are entitled to avail the cost of 5 liters of fuel for a car and 2 liters for a two-wheeler.

  • In case of an unfortunate event, if the insured dies while on the road trip, the policy covers the funeral expenses or the cost involved in repatriating the remains of the deceased insured, back to India. This coverage is valid only in case of death of the policyholder, abroad.

  • In case the policyholder ends up getting hospitalized during the trip, the policy offers a daily hospital allowance in order to reimburse for hospitalization.

  • The Personal Liability cover ensures that you are compensated for any damages that you may have caused to a third party during your road trip. If the damage causes any physical or financial loss to the third party, your travel insurance policy takes care of it.

While the policy aims to provide complete security to the traveler, there are certain situations which are treated as exclusions and you will not be able to avail cover such as:

  • Any type of wars - civil or international

  • Attempt to suicide

  • Acts of terrorism

  • Accident caused due to driving under the influence of drug or alcohol abuse


  • Mental ailments

  • Damages caused while participating in life threatening adventure sports

The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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