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How to buy personal accident insurance online

Accident happens uninformed. It can occur anywhere, while you are travelling or performing regular chores at your home. The aftermath of an accident can result in injury and disablement. Therefore one must safeguard themselves against accidents and other mishaps with Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

Buying personal accident insurance online is very simple and convenient. The following steps need to be followed:

Step 1:
Visit and click on personal accident to be directed towards finding quotes or buy online option. Click on the buy online tab to be directed to a secured webpage.

Step 2:
  • Plan (self or self + family). If self is selected then the plan would cover the individual alone. If self + family option is selected then the plan would covers the insured, his/her spouse and up to 2 dependent children. In the self + family option one can also include the dependent parents by paying some extra premium.
  • Total sum insured

Dependent parents to be insured. The available options are- none, father, mother or both.

  • Date of birth

Note: The buyer has to be above 18 yrs of age.

  • Click on calculate premium button. The detailed and customized breakup of the premium of the plan will be displayed depending on the information provided. If you are willing to pay the displayed sum as premium towards the policy, click on the proceed button.

Step 3:
The next tab is ‘fill details’. As the tab name suggests here, you have to fill in personal details such as name, contact details (mobile number, residence number and email id.) and address. Depending on the type of plan, you will also be required to give information related to the other family members and dependent parents who have to be included in the personal accident policy. If no one other than the self has to be included then there is no requirement for the details of other family members.

Step 4:
After carefully examining the entered details and reading the terms and conditions and also accepting them one has to select the mode of payment. Multiple options of making premium payments through net banking, via debit or credit card along with the EMI method of payment are available to choose from.

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