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This Valentine’s Day Secure Your Dream Home

While many believe that Valentine’s Day is all about red hearts, chocolates and balloons for couples, the idea of this special day is to celebrate love. You can love your partner, your friends, your family or something that you built with all your love and affection.

In addition to money, people invest their emotions into building their dream homes where they make memories with their families and friends. Just as you seek protection for your loved ones, your dream home too demands security and safeguarding. You can grant this protection with a detailed home insurance plan.

How does Home Insurance Protect Your Dream Home?

Your home is where your heart is. A home insurance will protect your abode against calamities, external damages as well as own damages. Here are some ways that your home insurance protects you:

1. Calamities: There is an often-used phrase called the Act of God, which is not covered under conventional insurance sometimes. However, if you are living in a calamity prone area, you can customise your insurance with an additional premium and safeguard your house.

2. Landlord Insurance: For some reason, if you are unable to live in your dream home for a while and have rented it out, you can still protect yourself with home insurance that includes a coverage for landlords. This usually comes as a relief for many property owners who are often faced with the damage caused by tenants.

3. Theft: Your home is extremely susceptible to external damage, one of the major ones being theft and robberies. You, as a homeowner, can protect yourself from the liabilities that follow a theft with comprehensive home insurance and save yourself from financial as well as legal hassles.

How to Choose the Right Home Insurance Plan?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to a home insurance plan. Depending upon the payment capacity, the size of the home, location and many others, your insurance will differ from that of other homeowners. So what should you look for curating that perfect home insurance?

What does it cover?: Though this is the most common aspect of an insurance policy, it is often the most overlooked. There are many things that are covered under home insurance but homeowners are often not aware of it. The most important thing you can do is call your insurance provider and ask for a detailed outline of what is included and what is not covered.

Know the Annual Premium Increase: It is a known fact that your premium will increase on the year-on-year basis as the facilities and cost of amenities increase. However, keep an eye out for an exorbitant spike in the premium. You can also get in touch with your insurance provider for clarity.

Disclaimer:The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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