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Perils Covered By Home Insurance Policies

We usually never come across the word perils in our day to day life, that’s indeed very fortunate of us. Perils, this word literally means serious and immediate danger. Perils can cause harm to you, your family and their well being or may end up damaging your assets like your home, car or any other valuables. When it comes to protecting your Home Sweet Home against all the possible perils you have to be cautious and ensure the complete safety of your home. The best way to do that is by look for home insurance coverage. You may often keep wondering what home insurance coverage I need. Let’s know more about what is home insurance and what's covered under it.

Damages included in typical home insurance policies

Typical home insurance policies in India give you a host of benefits such as offering long term cover, covering your home against fire, flood and natural calamities like earthquake or act of terrorism and riots. Under such circumstances both your home and its content’s protection are at stake, hence it becomes extremely crucial to buy a home insurance plan instantly.

Home Insurance Coverage offered by HDFC ERGO

  • Fire & allied perils and Burglary including theft and larceny under one policy
  • Structure & household Contents
  • Covers risk against Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Implosion, Flood, Inundation, Storm, Riot, Strike, Earthquake, Terrorism (optional), Burglary, Theft and, Larceny
  • Building – on Reinstatement Value basis which is current cost of construction * floor area

Home insurance earthquake coverage India can be easily covered with HDFC ERGO Home Insurance.

Top 5 Reasons to opt for HDFC ERGO Home Insurance Plan

Offers 5 year long term cover (Only flat/home owners can avail)

  • Provision for increasing the sum insured by 10% at the end of every year
  • No documentation and hassle free buying procedure.
  • Flexibility to select between plans
  • Discount up to 25% and additional 15% discount for security features under Burglary section

Damages Excluded from policies

  • Loss and/or damage arising out of War, Invasion, Act of Foreign enemy, hostilities, etc.
  • Loss or damage due to nuclear perils
  • Damage to property due to Pollution and contamination
  • Loss or damage due to wear and tear, gradual deterioration or slowly developing flaws.
  • Consequential Loss
  • (For a detailed list of exclusions, kindly refer our Home Insurance policy wording available on

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