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Invite happiness into your home with Feng Shui

A haven, a sanctuary, a place of calm contentment and inner peace – a home is all that and much more. A place we come back to after a hectic day’s work, our home should always invoke a sense of happiness, comfort, love and wellbeing. To ensure that your home is truly the place where your heart wants to be, you need to channelize the positive energy in your home. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, energy or chi is influenced by the layout of your home and the placement of your possessions. Sticking to some basic rules inside your home can supplement your good luck and happiness. Here are some essentia Feng Shui tips to help you lead a happier life:

  1. Keep design elements in mind – If you are planning to build a home, then keep somestandard rules of home design in mind. Let the main door be the largest door in your home. Ensure that the sink and the stove inside the kitchen are not placed close to each other as the elements of fire and water have to stay apart. Give preference to wood over metal when you plan your bedroom as wood symbolizes warmth. In the living room, keep the sofas in the southern or western part of the room. Also, position the toilets away from the kitchen.


  2. Declutter your home–A clean and clutter-free home is always more inviting. Clean the pathways, hallways and driveways and encourage chi to flow in. Take an inventory of the attic, loft, garage and basement and dispose all garbage. Make sure that all the pipes and drains are free of blockage and are functioning smoothly. Eliminating the clutter is similar to getting rid of all the negativity and obstacles in your home, thus making it a happier place to stay in.


  3. Share space with Nature– Plants symbolize purity, creativity and growth. Keep some yellow flowers like sunflowers near the main door, pink flowers like daisies in the living room, and green plants towards the eastern or south-eastern part of the home. Placing three bamboo stems submerged in water inside a blue vase can keep burglars away.


  4. Mend broken objects–Relationships or objects – nothing broken should have a place in your life and home. Be it a car, electrical appliances or smaller objects like door handles and knobs; ensure that you repair all of them instantly. Calendars should always be up-to-date and show the current date, clocks should show the correct time and the entire home should be picture-perfect - as it mirrors your own life.


  5. Install a guardian outside the house–Keeping a statue just outside the front door, towards the right or left, can bring in good luck to your home. Different statues have different meanings attached to them: A dog secures the home from enemies, a cat does not allow emotional disturbances, a tortoise ensures a good career path, a frog looks after your wealth, and a dragon provides physical protection.


  6. Invoke a water element–Water induces flexibility and fluidity in your life. Keeping a fountain in your home can keep your luck flowing. Ensure that the fountain never runs out of water and the water is always fresh. An aquarium can also add to your luck. Keep a goldfish in the aquarium along with eight black fish. The undulating movements of the fish can bring in happiness, wellbeing and luck to your life.


By adapting these Feng Shui principles in life, you can create a joyful environment and a happy home, where you can live in harmony with everything on Earth.

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