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Here are 10 things to keep in mind if you want to safeguard your home against theft & burglary

Here are a few essential things you must follow to safeguard your home against theft and burglary.

Secure the Doors

Securing your front door in the most important step towards securing your home. Make sure your exterior door is strong and heavy. Ensure that the hinges are protected and aren’t accessible from outside.  Install a deadbolt to increase exterior door security.

Upgrade to Smart Locks

Upgrading to smart locks is a great idea. Smart locks are not only difficult to break but they will also alert you in case of an intrusion so that you can take the necessary action.

Make sure you buy home insurance that provides cover for your home as well as all its contents including the expensive safety devices.

Install Door and Window Sensors

A door sensor or a glass break sensor is a great tool that will alert you if the glass door or window is tempered with or forced open. You can also reinforce glass windows with window security film.

Light it Up

Thieves and burglars hate to be in the spotlight. Keep them at bay with ample outdoor lighting. From front doors to backyards, pathways and entryways and any other structures on your property, keep every area of your home well lit. You can use motion-activated lights that will startle the criminals in case of sudden lighting in the area.

Add Security Cameras

This is one of the most powerful security gadgets in the current era. No thief or burgler would like to be caught on camera. A home security solution that not only keeps thieves away but also serves as a means to get justice in case of a break-in.

You can opt for a complete home security system or get cameras installed at specific points. Make sure your security camera is linked to your mobile phone so that you can see the real-time footage whenever you want. Other must-have features include motion detection, night vision, wi-fi capability, and waterproof casing.

Convert your Home into Smart Home

If you have been considering converting your home into a smart home, you should do it now to increase security. Home automation can give you control of security gadgets and safety devices including locks, lights, smoke alarms, etc. along with real time alerts on suspicious activities


In addition to taking all the above security measures, you should also buy home insurance that provides adequate coverage for the home as well as all its contents. If your house has all the above mentioned security measures, it will be deemed secure and safe. This means you can also get great discounts on your home insurance premium and that’s a win-win for you. You can also read about the Features & Benefits offered by Home Shield

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