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Features and Benefits of Home Shield Insurance Plan

Your Home Shield insurance plan works as a protection shield to secure your beloved den in a comprehensive way. Not having a home insurance plan may lead to tremendous financial loss and jeopardize your lifestyle. Nowadays, not just the home structure is protected but your contents like furniture, electronics, fixtures and glass is covered seamlessly. To demystify how a home insurance plan works and what are its offerings continue reading.

HDFC ERGO offers Home Shield Insurance, which protects your home from hazards like malicious damage, natural disaster and fire breakout. Read below the features and benefits of having a home shield insurance plan.

Reasons to buy Home Shield Insurance

Long Term Cover

As a home owner you get a coverage upto 5 years with home shield insurance, this long term plan is bound to keep you away from renewal hassles.

Enjoy up to 30% Discounts

Both home owners and tenants can get a discount up to 30% for security discount, salaried discount, intercom discount and long-term discount. Isn’t it amazing?

Contents covered upto Rs. 25 lacs

Cover contents upto Rs. 25 lacs without sharing any specified list of belongings. So both home owners and tenants can avail this benefit seamlessly.

Covers portable electronics

We cover portable electronics on worldwide basis; if it gets stolen we cover it seamlessly.

What’s covered under Home Shield Insurance policy?

Damage due to fire, natural calamities and manmade calamities: Any damage caused to your home structure due to natural calamities like flood, earthquake, landslides or storm gets covered. Additionally, losses due to fire breakout are included.

Burglary & Theft: A burglary can threaten to turn your life upside down. We cover loss due to theft and burglary.

Electrical breakdown of machinery: Your machines are your lifeline, if your washing machine or refrigerator breakdown we cover the expenses for repair.

Covers accidental damage: Oops your window shield is broken? Accidentally damaged your expensive glass fittings? Don’t worry– we’ve got you covered for accidental damages to fixtures and sanitary fittings.

What’s more to cover?

You can also avail optional coverages which help in securing your finances in the long run, by paying additional premium

Jewellery and valuables: You can cover your jewellery at an additional premium for a worldwide cover. You have to submit the list of jewellery you wish to cover while buying the insurance policy.

Terrorism cover: Usually terrorism is a part of exclusion for most of the insurance plan, however with home shield insurance you can get a cover for any damage caused to your home due to terrorism related activities. Your losses are covered even if damage is caused by Indian govt forces for combating terrorism.

Pedal cycle: Not just your internal home contents, we also cover losses caused to your pedal cycle, which is parked in your society premises. Additionally, if a third party person gets injured due to the accident caused by insured cycle then we shall cover for the third party claim too.

HDFC ERGO Home Shield Insurance is indeed the perfect way to give your home sweet home the much needed protection. Your memories is stuck to every corner of your house, it’s your responsibility to cover it with a comprehensive home insurance plan.

Deepika Mathur, CEO Market, Insurance Expert since 10 years Recommends, Home Shield Insurance to ensure your dream home is protected always! She also recommends tenants to opt for Home Shield Insurance to cover their valuable home belongings like portable electronics and furniture. Know more about our Insurance Experts

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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