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Does home insurance policy cover flooding or water damages?

We truly agree to the popular quote that says, “Home is where your heart is”. It’s the only place where you keep returning to and there’s no other place like our lovely home. It is one of the most prized possessions; every corner of your home retains countless memories. From a long term perspective, home is one of the most important investments of our entire life journey. With such a huge investment comes great responsibility to constantly maintain and safeguard it from all possible risks.

One of the major risks that might cause trouble to your little haven is natural calamities, which can occur without any intimation and leave you helpless. It is very difficult to protect our life and belongings from the adverse effects, such is the effect of flood in India, for instance the Uttarakhand floods, Chennai floods and Mumbai floods that left us devastated and destroyed millions of homes.

Whether you reside in a metro city or somewhere up the hills, the possibility of floods and related adverse effects has always been high. Imagine a situation where the ground water rises up or the rain doesn’t stop for days, leaving you amidst a flooding scenario!

 India is a tropical nation where it rains for 4 long months, most of the time resulting in a flood like situations at certain places. Despite complying with all the construction norms and guidelines, there are some factors that may affect your house drastically. The thought itself is close to a nightmare, but uncertainties are a part of everyday lifestyle. It’s difficult to predict the occurrence of floods and protect your home as well as the contents within, however you can opt for a home insurance plan that reduces the stress level and helps you in coping up with the damages caused due to such natural calamities.

Minimizing Risks

The only way to deal effectively with heavy floods is to buy a home insurance with flood cover. A comprehensive home insurance not only covers the home structure, but also the contents for an all-round coverage. Even if you reside in a rented apartment, the risks of losing your expensive home contents are hazardous. It’s always safe to insure the house and its contents so that your haven, your beloved home remains secure and is always ready to deal with floods.

Home Insurance plans always act as a saviour for bearing damage caused due to floods.

What should be covered under your Home Insurance for floods?

Before investing in any home insurance policy, always check what does it cover? Your home insurance for flood cover must provide the following benefits:

  • Structure & household Contents
  • Long term tenure
  • Loss due to short-circuit or fire breakout
  • Online purchase option available with no documentation
  • Provision for an increased Sum Insured
  • Quick survey and claim assistance

Why HDFC ERGO, for securing your home and the contents

HDFC ERGO home insurance offers not just  flood cover but  also covers the damages caused by Fire, Lightning , Explosion, Storm, Riot, Earthquake to your home structure as well as its contents. It offers you a long term cover up to 5 years and can be easily availed online.

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