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Boost your home insurance cover with these add-ons

It is said that the residents of a house make it a ‘home’, it is not just a mere roof over your head but a safe place that you can call your own and unwind at. And the safety of your home can never be overstated, it is your most valuable asset and it undoubtedly deserves enhanced protection. This is where homeowners’ insurance add ons come in the picture. Here we delve deep into what home insurance comprises of and how you can bolster the cover with some useful add-ons.

  • What is home insurance and what are add-on covers?
    A home insurance policy and its add-on covers provide overall protection to the structure of the house, and the valuable contents present in the house. Comprehensive home insurance coverage coupled with add-on covers tailored to your requirements is all you need to ensure your dream abode is well secured.

  • How are add on covers useful and which ones should I opt for?
    Add on covers are designed to help you in additional areas which your home insurance plan may not cover. Any home insurance add-on you choose should be applicable to your needs and circumstances. Here are some home-insurance add-ons you should consider while purchasing a home cover.

  • Portable Electronic Equipment Cover: Are you a gadget freak and own expensive gadgets or appliances? Then this cover is a must in your home insurance portfolio. With this add on over you can secure your electronic gadgets even when you are on the move. To get into the details, portable electronic items such laptop, camera, musical equipments, sports equipment etc are covered under this add on cover.

  • Jewellery & Valuables Cover: If you own precious jewellery or valuables and more importantly if you keep them at home, you are at a risk! The confines of your home are not safe enough and a theft or burglary could end up in you incurring major losses. But don’t lose sleep over this because the jewellery and valuables add on cover is the answer to your worries.

  • Pedal Cycle Cover: Love going on cycling expeditions or sweating it out on your static exercise cycle? Then this add on cover will ensure you continue your cycling trysts without any worries of any third party liability related to your beloved pedal cycle or damage to your trusted exercise cycle. So keep calm and cycle on.

  • Terrorism Cover: Terrorism is increasingly becoming a threat that looms large over the world. Many homes have been shattered due to terrorist attacks and we understand the pain one would endure in being in an unfortunate situation as this. This add-on cover can mitigate such damages and provide coverage in case your home structure or contents get destroyed due to a terrorist act or attack.

Every corner, object or artifact of your home has a loving moment or memory etched on it, so ensure you protect these moments and memories and secure your home with a comprehensive home insurance policy. And while you do that don’t forget to take extra cover for your additional requirements with add on covers tailored to your needs.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales

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