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Best Home Insurance Quotes: Well Suited to Your Needs

At the end of a long tiring day, you want to relax and get your mind off troublesome affairs. Peace of mind and recuperation of the body can only be had at ‘Home.’ It is the place where you go to rest after a hard day’s work.

But most of us don't realize that our dream home also requires protection. Just like your body needs to be protected from diseases, your home too needs protection from natural as well as man-made disasters.

Home insurance promises ultimate security for yourself and for your family. And here's how:

  • A home insurance policy not only insures the home but also insures the contents within it. All your heavy appliances, furniture, fixtures etc. is insured against damage or burglary.
  • At a low premium, you get a high value coverage for any loss or damage caused to your home.
  • With the right insurance, you can also insure your home against acts of God like earthquakes and flood.

Getting home insurance has never been easier because now you can get home insurance policy quotes within minutes once you apply. It is a very transparent procedure and not at all complex. In fact, you do not even need to be a homeowner to opt for home insurance. You can buy home insurance for your rented apartment and once you shift to a new address, your home insurance can also be transferred to the new address.


HDFC ERGO has curated flexible plans that suit every homeowner’s needs. With 2 comprehensive policies, HDFC promises an easy application process and hassle-free claim. With discounts of upto 25% you can be assured of the cheapest home insurance quotes. Here are some of the most attractive features of the plans:

  1. Comprehensive Home Insurance

      This plan covers risk against Fire, Flood, Earthquake, Lighting, Explosion, Storm, Riot etc.

  • This plan covers the home structure and its contents against fire and natural calamities.
  • The contents of your home are also covered against burglary & theft.
  • There is an option to take the multi-year policy up to 5 years.
  • The basis of sum insured for the home structure is reinstatement value.
  • There is a provision to increase the sum insured by 10% at the end of every year.
  1. Standard Fire & Special Perils Insurance
  • This policy can be bought by housing societies for collective insurance of common areas.
  • Ensures coverage for upto 1years.
  • The coverage offered varies from INR 1 Lakh to 30 Crores.
  • You can manage the policy with a simple mobile app.
  • With a nominal premium, you can also opt for insurance against terrorism.

And there you have it! HDFC understands the importance of your small world and partners with you to protect it in every possible way.

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