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6 Tips to make your home monsoon ready

The monsoon season elicits both feelings of joy and despair in us. We feel happy to get some relief from the scorching summers of India, while despair due to the damage caused due to heavy and continuous rainfall. Seepages, electrical short circuits, and structural dampness are some irreparable damages brought about by the rainy season. But why let such problems dampen the positive mood brought by the onset of monsoon? Make your home ready to face the deluge of rains with a couple of home maintenance tips and take a home insurance cover to live worry-free.

Simple Steps to a Monsoon Ready Home

Here are six home maintenance tips aimed to stop this monsoon season from causing damage to your property.

  • Inspect the outer structure
    Before the onset of monsoon, it is advisable to check your outer structure of the house for any cracks or irregularities where water may seep in. If the rainwater seeps in through the cracks, they enlarge, creating a bigger problem and brings with it potential to harm your valuables kept inside the house. Prevent mishaps like leaking roof or water seeping through walls by taking proper measures like applying a wall-putty and covering the cracks. Make sure you do this well before monsoon so that the cement or putty has ample time to dry and set.

  • Waterproofing and painting
    Check the roof, terrace, and balconies for leakages and provide a coat of waterproof layer for additional protection. To ensure smooth drainage of water collected, the drains should be cleaned to ensure a smooth outflow of the water. This will help in preventing clogging. Ensure that all your house painting work is completed before the advent of monsoon. Waterproof paints work best for the outer walls as they help in giving additional protection against water seepage.

  • Adopt pest-control measures
    Humidity is high during monsoons, which provides a breeding ground for termites, ants, insects, mosquitoes, and flies. Not only do they harm your health, but can also harm the building. Pest-control is a good idea, as it will provide you with additional protection against these pests. For instance, you will be able to protect your wooden furniture from termites.

  • Check electrical fittings and connections
    Any electrical connection on the exterior of the house and in danger of being exposed to the rain should be provided adequate cover. You may want to get your electrical fittings checked by an electrician to avoid any chances of electrical shock or short-circuit. Make your home safer with simple precautions like covering the electrical fittings and connections properly.

  • Get rid of dampness and ensure ventilation
    Cross-ventilation of air through your house would help in getting rid of that dampness and acrid smell associated with monsoons. Regular cleaning, fresh flowers, room fresheners, and dehumidifiers are some ways that are used by most people to keep the home afresh. Rolling up the carpets to remove moisture building during monsoons is also a good idea to ensure your house remains free of germs and diseases.

  • Comprehensive home insurance with flood cover
    While the home is considered as one of the biggest investments that one makes, only a few individuals understand the importance of having a comprehensive home insurance and opt for one. Do not regret when it is too late. Opt for adequate protection of your home building and make sure to include protection against floods caused by excessive rains... If you live in a low-lying flood-prone area, or your city receives heavy rainfall, it would be wise to have a home insurance policy that covers risks such as inundation.


It is important for you as a homeowner to take stock of all the risks that you face and cover them appropriately to free yourself from worries about facing a big financial burden in case the heavy rains flood your home. After all, home is one of the most valuable investments made in a lifetime. Not only does it contain your valuable possessions, but memories too, that are threatened in case heavy monsoons cause flooding in your area. Go ahead and protect yourself financially from any such unforeseen eventualities with a home insurance policy Shield your home with the right cover, buy HDFC ERGO home insurance, and take it easy.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales. UIN Home Shield Insurance - IRDAN125P0001V01201718 UID No. D2HO872

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