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World Alzheimer Day – Let us Pledge to Spread Awareness Regarding Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a serious disease that not only affects the patient but also the families. As per a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), around 50 million people across the world are suffering from dementia of which nearly 70% cases are for Alzheimer disease. What is even more terrifying is the fact that nearly 10 million new cases are reported every year.

Dementia is very common, however, a lot of people do not understand the seriousness of it. You can often find people making unpleasant jokes or thoughtless comments to Alzheimer’s patient. 2 out of every 3 people admit that there is little or no understanding of the disease in this country.

In order to break the myths and stereotypes surrounding Alzheimer’s and to raise awareness among people regarding it, World’s Alzheimer’s Day is observed every year on 21st September whereas the month of September is celebrated as World Alzheimer Month. Through the month a lot of different campaigns are carried out across the world to increase the awareness, symptoms and early diagnosis of the disease. While there is no cure of Alzheimer but an early diagnosis can help in controlling the spreading of the disease.

In addition to raising awareness about the disease and offering support to the patients, the World’s Alzheimer’s Day also reminds us of the importance of the caregiver. Caregivers are people who always stand by, help and support the people suffering. It isn’t an easy job and as a society, we all can do out bit to make their job a little easier and de-stigmatize Alzheimer’s disease throughout our society.

Some of the ways through which you can make an impact and raise awareness are:

  • Making a donation to an Alzheimer’s Organization. There are many such organizations. Find one near you

  • Read and updateyourself about the disease and help share the information to those not aware about the condition

  • Host Alzheimer awareness drive in your neighborhood as well as your workplace

  • Participate in National Memory Screening that provides free memory tests for early detection and cognitive treatment of the disease

  • Become a volunteer in a local Alzheimer’s association

  • Share your Alzheimer’s story with people around you to remove the stigma and encourage people to speak up

In addition to increasing awareness about the disease, it is also important to raise awareness regarding the importance of having a medi claim policy. People with medical insurance don’t have to worry about hospitalization or seeking treatment for the disease, which is very important to keep a check on Alzheimer.

Remember, we can fight Alzheimer if we workcollectively towards it.

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