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Why Travel Health Insurance is a Good Deal?

What would you do if you suddenly fall sick or meet with an accident while travelling abroad? Medical expenses in a foreign country are often significantly higher than domestic costs.

One excellent option to be protected against such unforeseen expenses is to buy a travel health insurance plan. This policy offers you a safe and worry-free trip. You may purchase such insurance for one or multiple trips. You may want to avoid the additional expense of purchasing a travel insurance plan. However, the premium amount is often much lower than the expenses you may incur if you need medical attention abroad.

Another common misconception is that you do not need medical insurance for international travel if you have a regular health plan. However, there are some differences between these two kinds of insurance coverage. Here are three such benefits available with an overseas health plan but not offered by your regular health insurance policy.

1. Emergency medical benefits

A regular health policy will not cover medical emergencies in a foreign country. Some of these include inpatient and outpatient, diagnostic tests, therapies, and medical aid. Additionally, travel health insurance plans cover personal accident expenses such as death and permanent complete disability.

2. Baggage claims and delays

It is not uncommon for flights to be delayed or rescheduled. If your flight is delayed for more than six hours, the insurers reimburse expenses such as meals and refreshments. If you lose your baggage or passport, the insurance companies reimburse the expenses incurred. Moreover, if your baggage is delayed beyond 12 hours, the travel insurance covers expenses like the purchase of toiletries, medicines, and clothes as well.

3. Personal liability

Overseas travel insurance covers personal liability that may result from injury, death, or damage to a third party and/or property involuntarily caused by you.

With your travel insurance, some of the popular international holiday destinations that you may visit include the United States of America (USA), Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. Let us now understand the benefits of availing of overseas travel insurance.

1. Avoid financial difficulties

Healthcare is expensive in developed countries such as USA and Europe when compared to India. A simple visit to a general practitioner may require you to spend a few hundred dollars (amounting to a few thousand rupees). Therefore, protecting yourself against financial difficulties while travelling abroad with a health insurance for travel to the USA and other destinations is recommended.

2. Protection against cancellations and delays

Another advantage of an overseas travel insurance policy is the protection against trip interruptions and cancellations. In case an emergency arises during your trip, you may need to cut it short or even cancel it. You may lose a lot of money since you have already paid for the trip. Overseas travel insurance compensates your loss.

Choosing the right plan from the number of available options may be difficult. To ensure you choose the appropriate policy, compare different insurance plans and their terms and conditions. You may also be able to avail of the lowest premium on the health insurance for travel abroad when you look for multiple options online.

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