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Why Health Insurance Is A Fundamental Requirement And Not A Choice ?

With rising incidences of health issues in India in young and old, health insurance today is a necessity as against a luxury some years back. Studies show that our current lifestyle makes us prone to fatigue and illnesses, often needing hospitalization. As a consequence, we often foot a high cost of treatment, burning a severe hole in our pockets. With rising inflation and a steady improvement in medical technology, hospitalization expenses are only set to move upwards. Keeping in mind the above factors, opting for a health insurance is not only logical but also inevitable.

Features and Benefits of Health Insurance

Financial Protection

A medical insurance covers the whole or a part of the expenses that you may incur should you fall sick or get hurt. The sole purpose of a health insurance is to help you or your family financially during a medical crisis that could possibly throw you in neck deep debt.In an era of escalating medical costs, the HDFC ERGO health insurance lends you the financial shoulder that you can comfortably lean on.

Customized Product

The beauty of a health insurance is its customizable nature. You can not only choose a policy that suits your pocket but also one that meets your specific requirement. From individual and family plans, to parent and senior citizen plans at your disposal, you are free to make an informed choice. Not only can you insure yourself with your policy, you can also insure your loved ones under an HDFC ERGO health insurance. With considerable discounts on offer under the family plans, you and your family can now breathe easy with our family health insurance.

Cashless Hospitalization

Health insurance conventionally operated under the reimbursement mechanism. The reimbursement process made it difficult for individuals and families to pay the bills upfront and claim the amount later. But with the cashless hospitalization feature in your HDFC ERGO insurance, you can now seek medical treatment without any mental hassle. Whether it is a planned or an emergency hospitalization, you can avail your cashless benefits under both scenarios.

Minimum Documentation

Often observed, people avoid buying health cover for themselves and their families on account of lack of adequate information and aversion to lengthy documentation. Unlike popular belief, health insurance is one of the easiest and fastest products to purchase. With minimum documentation and eligibility, you can now buy an HDFC ERGO health insurance within minutes.

Top Up Benefits

With rising medical costs, your existing health cover often proves insufficient for you and your family. Cognizant to the trouble faced, HDFC ERGO allows you to opt for an added cover to your existing policy and enjoy a higher coverage at a much affordable premium. By strengthening your existing plan, you will be now insured for a higher sum and a wider cover.


Your health insurance is indispensable when it comes to financially safeguarding you and your family. With a host of benefits on offer at an affordable premium, your decision to choose an HDFC ERGO policy could well be a defining moment in your family’s future.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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