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Where to Get Affordable Health Insurance?

The health insurance industry has witnessed significant changes in the last few years. The increase in competition now benefits you because insurers offer several advantageous features. Researching different options and knowing the inclusions and exclusions will help you make an informed decision.

When you look for health coverage, you often want to know how to get an affordable health insurance plan with wider coverage. Here are three ways to procure an affordable health insurance.

1. Do not delay purchase

We all look out for an insurance plan that includes maximum benefits. It is difficult to find a health policy that offers higher coverage at a lower premium, along with added coverage such as maternity benefits, quick claim settlement, and maximum inclusions. However, opting for a health insurance policy at an early stage of life can help in offering a much wider coverage at an affordable premium.

For finding the most economical health insurance policies avoid delaying your buying decision. Postponing may lead to financial insecurities, diseases and growing age may not allow you to avail any good insurance coverage. Additionally, the premium increases as you age and as a result, you may have to pay a significantly higher premium in the future. Therefore, it is recommended, you focus on the prime features and do not delay the purchase of your health insurance policy.

2. Assess your current lifestyle

Insurance companies offer health insurance that is affordable when you follow a healthy lifestyle. Most insurers offer benefits if you regularly exercise, have the right diet, and do not have unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking. However, only because you are healthy and have a good lifestyle, you must not delay buying a health insurance plan. There is always a possibility of suffering from an illness or being injured in an accident. Not having health insurance coverage may put you at a financial risk, which must be avoided.

3. Avoid unnecessary riders

Insurers try to entice you with a lot of additional riders and features. All these may not be necessary and including these will only increase the premium cost. Features like daily hospital cash, ambulance charges, and other benefits may be overlooked. You must focus on bigger features like room rent limits, doctor consultation fees, hospital network, and cumulative bonus that you may get as a discount for every claim free year.

4. Buy online

Another way to reduce the premium is to buy the policy online. Insurance companies eliminate overheads like agent fees and administrative costs when they sell online policies. These cost savings are passed on which helps you to avail health insurance for cheap premiums.

Once you know how to get an economical plan, the next question is from where to get affordable health insurance. Companies like HDFC Ergo offer several beneficial features that maximize your benefits. Plans offered by this insurer include features such as pre- and post-hospitalization charges, no room rent sub-limit, organ donor expenses, and costs for alternative treatments like Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, and Siddha. Additionally, the company offers free health check-ups and cumulative bonuses for every claim-free year. All these benefits and features reduce your effective cost of buying a health insurance policy.

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