Importance of Top up Plans in Health Insurance

Health insurance plans in India have gained tremendous impetus in the past few years. With the advancements in medical science, there has been a steady rise in the cost of medical treatment. The increasing medical expenses may lay a burden on your savings and financial assets. However, at times it is observed that a single health insurance plan doesn’t suffice, especially under family floater wherein four members share the sum insured. Under such circumstances, it’s very important to either opt for two policies or increase the sum insured. To expand the sum insured or total cover value, health insurance companies have started offering top ups to support the base policy.

Top up for health insurance plans, are clearly designed with an idea to give you additional cover in case your existing policy gets exhausted or proves insufficient for medical treatment. In a nut shell, top-up plan for health insurance is meant to enhance your existing cover, however HDFC ERGO offers my health: medisure top up plan which can be taken as an independent plan subject to aggregate deductibles met. Most importantly, top up plans can be availed at an affordable premium without shedding much. It acts like a cherry on the pie, which comes at a nominal premium.

Benefits of my: health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance

Just like every little appreciation in life brings joy and happiness, in a similar way adding up a Big health cover to your existing health insurance will also bring in lots of benefits. HDFC ERGO understands the rising cost of medical treatments and to meet the growing costs there’s a requisite for higher coverage by paying a nominal premium. You can opt for my: health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance as a fresh policy or take it as an added cover for your existing health insurance which could be with HDFC ERGO or with any other Indian General Insurance company.

For instance: If you are 30 years old and choose to opt 2 lakh as an aggregate deductible for 8 lakh cover, you only need to pay 2336 Rupees premium.

  • High cover at an affordable premium
  • 10% Family Discount when two or more family members are covered under individual sum insured basis.
  • 5% discount on opting for two year policy
  • Guaranteed 6 Hours response on every cashless claim
  • No medical tests up to the age of 55 years, if you have no pre-existing illness
  • Constant premium from the age of 61 years & above Pre-Hospitalization & Post-Hospitalization expenses – 30 days for Pre-Hospitalization and 60 days
  • Tax Benefit under section 80D

my: health Medisure Super Top is a uniquely designed health insurance plan that offers higher sum insured against aggregate deductible at an affordable premium. Click here to buy my: health Medisure Super Top and insure your health

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