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Top 7 Health Issues Men should know about and what are the remedies for it

Published on Sept 12, 2020. EST READ TIME: 5 MIN   

Even today, in most Indian families, men are seen as the provider of the family. They are conditioned to be more ambitious and earn more to provide a comfortable lifestyle for their families. This social pressure can lead to chaotic work schedules, erratic sleep patterns, extensive travel, and poor diet habits. Consequently, they become prone to severe health disorders. But these health risks can be prevented by adopting a few changes in their lifestyle. In addition to this, make sure you have a health insurance policy in place so that you are financially prepared in case of unexpected medical emergencies. To purchase the right one, you can check the different online health insurance plans.

Now, let’s learn more about these health issues and ways to prevent them.

  • Heart Diseases: A minor blockage in the arteries due to reasons like high cholesterol and blood pressure can lead to life-threatening heart diseases and even cause a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, you should get your cholesterol checked regularly. At least half an hour of physical activity daily will keep the heart in good shape. Also, eating more fruits and vegetables and reducing saturated fats in the diet can go a long way.

  • Lung Cancer: Men tend to smoke even when the cigarette packets warn them of the consequences of smoking. Similarly, there are other lung diseases like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) that can cause disability. Quit smoking if you wish to lead a long and healthy life.

  • Prostate Cancer: Another deadly disease is killing men is prostate cancer. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that secretes fluids essential for ejaculation. The risk of prostate cancer increases with age. Visit an urologist and get a prostate cancer screening done.

  • Depression: Time and again, experts have been emphasising the need for giving due importance to mental illness. Anxiety and depression are leading men to commit suicide. Depression doesn’t only affect the mind, but it has physical symptoms like loss of appetite or sleep. There is a certain stigma associated with mental health in our country, and this prevents people from acknowledging their problems. Not speaking up due to the fear of judgments aggravates the situation and depression lead to substance abuse or worse, death. You should not be afraid or conscious to speak up. Talk to a friend/family member or visit a therapist to seek help.

  • Diabetes: It is another silent killer. With age, blood sugar levels rise, and it could lead to frequent urination, thirst, heart attack, stroke, blindness, or kidney failures. Again, a healthy diet and regular exercise reduce the chances of developing diabetes.

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Though not life-threatening, it can have a severe impact on a man’s physiological and emotional health. It is also seen as an early indicator of heart disease or diabetes. It’s a highly treatable condition. Those suffering from this condition need to see a doctor without feeling any sense of embarrassment as it is a common problem among men.

  • Obesity: It means having excess body fat. As we age, our metabolism gets slower, and that fat doesn’t burn up. Obesity is not just about the looks of a person; it is a medical disease. It can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and other ailments. Since it has a high relapse rate, i.e. people who lose weight, gain it back in a few years, it requires a lifelong commitment of following a strict health regime. 

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Men need to stop putting on a brave front when their body gives a signal of an ailment. What they may consider a momentary ache can be a symptom of a critical illness. While regular health checkupsare a must, they should also improve their work-life balance. Don’t forget to have health insurance that will cover all the medical expenses and at the same time have access to quality healthcare.

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