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Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

The slightest of trouble to any ofyour family members often causes an imbalance throughout the household. Therefore, safeguarding their health and wellbeing is a complete no-brainer. It is essential to have a comprehensive policy that protects your family financially and emotionally, in cases of any medical emergency. With HDFC ERGO, you can now keep your family closer in times of trouble with our family floater health insurance plan.

Benefits of family floater health insurance plan:

Unlike an individual health insurance plan, a family floater health insurance plan ensures comprehensive coverage. With a health floater plan, you have the luxury to insure your entire immediate family under one single plan. This plan usually covers you, your spouse and your children under an assured sum. With minimum documentation and a hassle-free settlement process, the HDFC ERGO family floater plan is apt for the modern Indian family. On opting for a two year plan, you and your family can avail a 10 %  discount. You can avail an additional discount of 10 percent for more than two family members on individual sum insured basis. With attractive add-ons and claim-free discounts at your disposal, this plan is nothing short of a steal.

Family floater health insurance policies:

HDFC ERGO has three variants to its family floater health insurance plan. You can choose any one of the variants, depending upon your financial health or your family size.

  • The first variant covers a family with no children, which technically includes two adults – you and your spouse.

  • The second variant covers a family with a single child, which would include two adults and a single child under the policy.

  • The third and final variant is designed for families with two children, which would include two adults and two children under the policy.

Family floater health insurance plan covers:

The HDFC ERGO family floater health insurance plan is a comprehensive policy which ensures financial and emotional stability to you and your family. Some of the expenses they cover are:

  • The family floater health insurance plan would cover the in-patient treatment cost caused due to an illness or an accident.

  • It would cover your pre-hospitalization costs, incurred up to 60 days prior to hospitalization.

  • The policy would also cover post-hospitalization expenses incurred up to 90 days post discharge.

  • Maternity expenses incurred can also be successfully claimed under the family floater insurance plan.

  • Additionally, costs incurred on account of any organ donor treatment also come under the purview of this policy

  • Cost incurred with regards to emergency ambulance services or any domiciliary treatment can also be claimed.


With a single HDFC ERGO family floater health insurance plan, you can get an insurance umbrella that covers the entire family, as against small individual insurance policies. They are prudent as well as economical in the long run.

Disclaimer:  The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the purchase.

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