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Things one should know before buying health insurance

Health insurance policies are myriad; they are designed to cater everybody’s needs. Keeping in view various scenarios and probable events, the health insurance provider crafts their policies. It is this varying need that results in the offering more than one product. However there are a few aspects of health insurance that forms the basic or the backbone of the policy.

Insurance Provider:

The reputation of the insurance company is an important component.Health insurance provider which has a long and unblemished track record should be the ideal choice as it forms the basis of conviction for the masses.


An effective health insurance policy is the one which has a large network of hospitals spread across a wide geographical area to give quick access to medical attention during emergencies.


Premium of such health plans reflects ‘value for money’. It strikes a delicate balance between being preposterously low-cost and being exorbitantly expensive. It must be reasonable and affordable.


The coverage of a best insurance plan is all-encompassing; it must provide for a wide range of coverage and protect the insured against uncertainties. It must provide adequate financial assistance for hospitalization expenses, medical bills, diagnostics, specialist charges etc.

Additional benefits:

It usually has added benefits such as, but not limited to, regular free health check up, discounts etc.

Upper limit:

As the name suggests, the upper limit of health insurance plans must be, metaphorically speaking, in the upper echelon. This proves very useful against sudden medical expenditure.

Fine print:

One must also read the policy document very carefully in order to understand the various exclusions and scope of the policy. This will help in making the right decision pertaining to the best suited policy for an individual.

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