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The A-Z of Health Insurance in India

Health insurance is the fastest growing segment in India after the life insurance sector. The health insurance sector is way ahead of motor insurance and other insurance sectors in terms of year-on-year growth. Growing general health awareness in public and rising cost of healthcare are primary factors contributing to the phenomenal growth of the health insurance sector in India.

Key Drivers for Growth of Health Insurance in India

  • Growing awareness regarding importance of proper healthcare
  • Rise in healthcare costs making it difficult to afford treatment without insurance
  • Introduction of a wide range of products that offer different kinds of health covers, many of which can be customized for customers
  • Availability of customized products for senior citizens and young children with limited waiting period

While there is a long list of driving factors, there are some restraining factors too, which are crippling the growth and preventing it from reaching its full potential. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Lack of awareness among people in small towns
  • Lack of healthcare infrastructure in rural India contradicting the use of health insurance
  • High loss rations in the insurance sector, especially in group health insurance plans, making it difficult for companies to tap profit

Private Players Making their Mark in the Health Insurance Sector

The government of India has launched many new healthcare provisions like Ayushman Bharat Yojna. Regardless, there has been a substantial growth in private health insurance as compared to public companies. The reason is that more and more private sector companies are now entering the health insurance market and providing quality and sophisticated treatment to their customers. They are providing way more comprehensive and customized health insurance policies as compared to public health insurance providers.

The inflow of huge amounts of funds and substantial foreign investments are encouraging more and more private players to enter the health insurance industry in India. HDFC ERGO offers wide array of insurance policies catering to people of different age groups and income levels.

The insurance policies at HDFC ERGO are not only designed to provide coverage when you are admitted in the hospital but also to ensure you get regular health-checkups and stay healthy in the future.

The health insurance plans at HDFC ERGO like ‘my:health Suraksha’ are designed with robust thought and strong base coverage. It is aimed at providing all-round healthcare protection to everyone from young individuals to families as well as senior citizens.

Key features of HDFC ERGO insurance plans include:

No room rent capping

Putting a capping on room rent makes it difficult for you to seek treatment in the private hospital of your choice, HDFC ERGO does not have any limit on room rent spending. You can enjoy all the comfort you want in the room of your choice and the room rent is dependent only on the total sum insured.

Sum Insured Rebound

What to do when you have exhausted the value of total sum insured? Will you stop the treatment? Of course not! HDFC ERGO has got this covered with its sum insured rebound feature. In this, you can get anadditional sum insured upto the base sum insured once you exceed the original sum insured value.

Free Health Check-up every year

Health insurances are meant to cover illnesses. However, HDFC ERGO goes a step ahead and helps you stay fit and health with a free health check-up every year. Every time you renew your my:health Suraksha plans, you get free health check-ups so that you can prevent any new health problems from cropping up or catch it early enough to get timely treatment.

*Cashless Home Healthcare

Most health insurance plans cover hospitalization and tests conducted during the course of hospitalization. But what if the doctor recommends an at-home treatment that will cost you a bomb? Well, HDFC ERGO has got you covered here as well. With its cashless care facility for home treatments, you can now get insurance cover for medical treatments you undergo at home as well.

These features are common to almost all the plans at HDFC ERGO. Apart from these features, each plan launched by the company is customized to meet the requirements of the particular segment it is catering. For example, in plans for senior citizen, the coverage is extended to include many pre-existing diseases after a small waiting period. Similarly, buying a critical illness cover will let you stay covered against deadly diseases like cancer helping you seek the best care even for the diseases.


In today's lifestyle scenarios, having a health insurance plan is essential. It is great news that Indians are generally becoming aware of the importance of having proper healthcare. With so many companies offering a multitude of products, you have an array of options to choose from.                               

If you haven’t purchased your health insurance, now is better than ever.

Disclaimer :The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales. *T&C apply. my:health Suraksha HDFHLIP20049V041920, UID No: D2HI491 *Available for selected cities.

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