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Safety While on Road Quick Guide

How often does this happen that you hear about an unfortunate incident on the road and pledge to drive safely? And how quickly do you forget that pledge by resorting to unsafe driving when in a hurry? Well, all of us are guilty of this in some way or the other. But this should not to be taken lightly. Especially, if you are going on a road trip with loved ones, make sure you take extra precautions and get an insurance policy as well.

So here is a list of must follow safety tips if you are gearing up for a long journey with your family or friends:

  • Wear the seat belt like armor: It is not just to escape a fine that you need to wear the seat belt. A lot of us have this habit of not wearing the seat belt when traffic cops are not around. But it is important to understand that the primary need to wear seat belt is for your own safety. There have been numerous accidents wherein the victims might have survived had they been wearing the seat belt. You don’t want to be one of them.

  • Gear up for the trip: Even if you send your car regularly for servicing, just before a long trip, send it to the garage again in order to make sure that critical aspects such as the brakes, tires, engine, brake oil, fuel etc. are in check.

  • Get some rest: If you are planning to drive for a long time, your rest should be your topmost priority. Interestingly, some studies have compared driving without enough sleep to be as dangerous as drunk driving. Just like how the car needs a garage visit, the driver needs a sound sleep and an entire day to rejuvenate for the adventure ahead so that in no way it turns into a mishap.

  • Don’t just rely on GPS: Technology has made everything easier but it might not work every time. What if you are driving through a remote unsafe location and you lose signals or GPS connection? Go a little bit old school and map the directions beforehand on a piece of paper so that you always have a back-up.

  • Don’t trust other drivers: Blaming other drivers will not help once an accident occurs. So, it is always a good idea to be alert of other drivers and identify unsafe driving patterns in others so that you can steer clear. You might be following the traffic rules but in case some other driver isn’t, you shouldn’t be bearing the brunt of it.

  • Obsess over the toolkit: Are you using phrases like “I don't have tire pressure gauge in my toolkit but it’s okay as I might not need it”. Keep your toolkit ready so that you can face any emergency situation in case there is one.

  • Stay insured: Yes, road trips can be insured too. And such a policy can protect you against sudden emergencies like accidents, hospitalization, third party liability, sudden mechanical breakdown of your vehicle, and so on. It can cover you against theft of wallet too. Since emergencies can cost you heavily if you are unprepared, opt for an insurance plan without fail.

The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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