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Obesity may lead to higher health insurance premium

Sedentary lifestyle and inactive fitness routine may lead to increase in weight and be a prime reason for inviting innumerable diseases. Being obese puts you at a higher risk of developing a number of potentially serious health problems, including – heart disease, stroke, diabetes, breathing disorders, musculo skeletal disorders (especially osteoarthritis), gallbladder disease, infertility, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, kidney disease and some cancers and lots more.

Secure your health at an early stage of life

Over the period of 10 years, obesity has seen a clear jump of 60%. This shows that staying fit is of utmost importance, in case an obese individual gets diagnosed with a serious ailment, there is higher chances that health insurance for obese adults could be denied. However, there are certain ways by which health insurance for the obese could be a possibility. Buying a health insurance policy at an early age is always beneficial as BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate reduces naturally with age) as a reason for obesity as one ages; it safeguards you against possible rising medical expenses and medical complications that could further arrive at a later stage of life. When you grow older you are more probable to diseases, due to low immunity and sedentary lifestyle. At that stage of life you might develop a few medical complications or put on weight, due to which there are higher chances of health insurance denial. Health insurance isn’t particularly designed for obese individuals; if your BMI crosses 30 then you might have to pay a little higher premium for securing your health.

Stay fit

Try avoiding junk food consumption and indulge into daily exercise of yoga for ensuring a fit body. Keeping a tab on what you eat and how you exercise may help in reducing weight and also give you a perfect body, you’ve always wished for. Staying fit will keep obesity at bay and help in securing a health insurance with an affordable premium.

Health insurance and obesity – Understanding the premium factor

A healthy person is lesser probable to disease as compared to an obese individual. Just like a smoker is more probable to lung cancer as compared to a non-smoker. Insurance companies often levy loading on the premium amount, when an individual who has a BMI above 30 or 35. This could make health insurance premium high due to obesity and make it unaffordable. Health insurance is a serious challenge for people above the BMI of 40, under such cases health insurance coverage obesity can be denied totally, leading to no health cover in case of an emergency.

Bottom Line - How to avoid paying higher premium and get a health cover?

The only way to ensure total health cover without having to pay a higher premium for obesity is to cut down the body weight. Paying higher premium may incite you to hit the gym and shed some pounds, as it is a better option as compared to paying higher premiums or facing denials from health insurance companies.

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