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Multiple Advantages of Individual Health Insurance Plans for People between 20 and 35 Years

Have you ever been at a point in your life when you were surrounded by several bills to pay and loans to clear,with little or no time to think about your health?Mostly,the answer will be a resounding yes.Whether you are a 20-year old student,a young professional,or a 35-year old with responsibilities,you need personal protection to help yourself and your loved ones.

This is why it is important to safeguard yourself with comprehensive INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS.Having a health insurance plan at a young age(20-35 years)is often considered a smart decision by experts as it offers large benefits at lower premiums.An early start to individual health insurance helps set the right financial foundation and encourages savings for the future.

Top Reasons to Buy Individual Health Insurance

Buying an individual health insurance strengthens your support system while undergoing hospitalization or treatments.It secures your financial stability without compromising on the quality of treatment you receive.Here are some reasons why you should get an individual health insurance plan.

  • Increase in Lifestyle Diseases:Lifestyle diseases are a part and parcel of almost everyone’s life these days.Diseases like high blood pressure,obesity,cardiovascular issues and many more are often categorized as lifestyle diseases that can seriously impact your health.Having an individual health insurance plan will help you get the right treatment for these diseases and assist you on the road to recovery with no financial obligations.

  • Medical Inflation:The rise in healthcare costs is an annual incremental process that spikes the expenses of medical assistance every year.For many,it is not easy to accommodate these rising costs.A health insurance plan will protect you against this inflation and get you the right treatment.

  • Inadequate Coverage:Many feel that being covered by corporate insurance is the ultimate protection.Though having corporate insurance is a wonderful thing,it does not guarantee wholesome coverage.An individual health insurance is tailor-made as per your requirements,medical history,and sometimes,family history as well,to provide maximum benefits.

  • Financial Savings:Spending all your hard earned money on hospital bills can be rather painful.But with individual health insurance plans,you can avoid this financial obligation and can rather save the money instead.The earlier you get insurance,the better it will be for your future.


Benefits of Buying an Individual Health Insurance

  • No medical tests till 45 years of age^: Young policyholders under the age of 45 with no pre existing illnesses have the flexibility to get their health insurance plan without undergoing any medical checkups.

  • Sum insured rebound: This can be the savior money when your health insurance cover is exhausted.This sum can be used to fund any new hospitalization costs as a result of illness or injuries.

  • Pre&Post Hospitalization: Get all your pre-hospitalization expenses,upto 60 days of admission,covered,and post-discharge expenses like diagnostics,investigation etc.till 180 days,covered too.

  • Recovery Benefits: The recovery benefit covers a long haul at the hospital for your treatment or recovery.In addition to extra hospital expenses,you might also suffer from financial losses due to leave from work or absence at home which will be sustained by this feature.

  • AYUSH Benefits: If you are someone who is undergoing an alternative treatment along with the conventional medical care,certain insurance providers cover the latter as well.Ayurveda,Homeopathy and others come under the individual insurance coverage.

  • Mental Health Care Coverage: Maintaining mental health is an important part of maintaining overall wellbeing.Young people today are more susceptible to mental issues due to work related stress and anxiety.So,going for individual health insurance can also cover treatments for such issues.

  • Save Tax: Individual health insurance plans not only safeguard your financial stability with appropriate coverage,but also offer tax benefits.With a comprehensive health insurance plan,you can save uptoRs.75,000*in tax.

  • Daycare procedures: Not every treatment requires a prolonged stay at the hospital.Many surgeries and treatments do not require medical attention beyond 24 hours.These treatments are categorized under daycare procedures which is the right individual health insurance plan will cover as well.

Getting Your Health Insurance at an Early Age

Why is it so important to get HEALTH INSURANCE at an early age?Here are some benefits.

  • Low premiums:The younger you are,the probability of you contracting diseases is less compared to senior citizens.This is the reason why you have to pay lower annual premiums.

  • Easy to go through waiting periods:Health insurances have specified waiting periods attached to specific diseases.Buying a policy in your early years,when you are not suffering from any medical condition,will help you sail smoothly during your waiting periods give you the complete benefit when you need it./p>

  • Early financial planning:Starting out on individual health insurance plans at an early age paves the path to better financial stability and a planned future.It not only saves the money in bills but also provides tax saving options.

  • Overall healthcare coverage:You do not have to be old to contract different diseases.Accidents,viral fevers,dengue and many more serious conditions can happen to anyone.This is why having an extensive health insurance plan protects your savings in case you are hospitalized.

Factors That Decide Your Premium

Though medical checkups are not required before the age of 45 however if you have a pre existing illness then you may have to undergo a medical test,while applying for insurance,there are certain factors that are considered to decide your premium.These factors are:

  • Your age

  • Underlying medical condition

  • Demographic information

  • Family’ s medical history

Many providers also offer a HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUM CALCULATOR on their websites,so that you can easily figure out what you have to pay every year,based on you specific status.


Having an individual health insurance is important for your wellbeing as well as for those who depend on you.So,consider your requirements and consult our insurance experts before you buy HDFC ERGO health insurance.Make sure you understand all terms and conditions clearly before taking a decision.

Disclaimer:The above information is for illustrative purpose only.For more details,please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

*T&C Suraksha HDFHLIP20049V041920 UID No.D2HI717

^Subject to no medical history and available to the Sum insured upto 20 lacs

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