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Is Critical Illness Plan Better Than Cancer Specific Insurance Plan For A Cancer Patient?

Let’s face it, the lifestyle of today isn’t the healthiest nor the safest. Our lifestyle significantly contributes to us falling prey to various life threatening diseases. While sticking to a healthy diet and following a strict exercise regime would surely help, we are often chained to time restrictions. This necessitates that we recognise the situation at hand and solve it. Insurance companies provide you with a plethora of options that cater to different needs. But choosing a policy that is transparent and comprehensive is vital. We at HDFC ERGO present to you the Critical Illness Insurance Policy, which is comprehensive and logical. Not only does it keep your savings intact, but it also helps you remain financially stable in case of any eventuality.

Critical Illness v/s Cancer Specific Insurance Plan

A cancer specific insurance plan or rather any disease-specific plan, as the name suggests, provides financial cover towards the cost of treatment of cancer or the specific disease – whether at an early stage or in an advanced stage.

A critical illness insurance policy on the other hand offers a lump-sum compensation in a single transaction, towards costs incurred during the medical treatment. The critical illness plan covers a host of diseases that could possibly affect you or your close ones during your lifetime.

For those who fall under the high-risk category for cancer, due to their smoking habits or family history – a dedicated cancer specific insurance policy makes sense. It helps cover the high costs of cancer treatments, and maintains your financial stability.

On the other hand, one must realise that cancer isn’t the only life threatening disease on this planet. Various other diseases have an equal or greater impact than cancer, such as kidney-related ailments, heart diseases, diabetes etc. For any such eventualities, a critical illness insurance plan makes sense.

Cancer Specific Pros And Cons

A cancer specific insurance policy provides a substantial cover towards your entire treatment. From diagnosis and hospitalisation, to chemotherapy and radiation – all costs are taken care of.

This policy however does not support claims towards diseases that have been a direct or indirect result of cancer, such as STDs, HIV or AIDS.

Critical Illness Insurance Pros And Cons

A Critical Illness Insurance Policy is a benefit plan that pays you a lump-sum amount in one single transaction, which helps you cover costs incurred during medical treatment. One is free to use this amount to settle his/her immediate medical treatment, further medical treatment or pay off their debts if any.

As comprehensive as they are, they naturally do not cover every disease or ailment under the planet. Particularly in the case of cancer, the critical illness policy covers claims only against advanced treatment.


We at HDFC ERGO understand that illness and diseases, whichever they may be, create an emotional and financial imbalance.  Buying a comprehensive coverage today is a sigh of relief for tomorrow. We need minimum documentation, and provide tax relief and easy comparison. Visit us to know more.

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