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Is Coronavirus Covered By Your Health Insurance? |HDFC ERGO

With the rising number of COVID-19 cases in India, more and more people are coming up with queries about their health insurance plans and if they cover this viral infection as well. So, it is easy to be overwhelmed during these tough times. However, it is important to gain clarity about what you can do to stay safe and protect yourself against unwanted circumstances.  

So, the most important question to ask is, is Coronavirus covered by health insurance

How to check if your policy covers Coronavirus 

Existing insurance holders

Those with an existing insurance cover are eligible to get a cover for hospitalization expenses due to Coronavirus.

Coverage situation

So, is Coronavirus covered by health insurance? Well, even if you already have a health insurance plan it is important to consider the following facts and expenses so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

Amount of sum insured: COVID-19 directly impacts the respiratory system and is a serious disease. In case the policy holder has a weak immune system, or is more susceptible to the effects of COVID, the treatment will mostly revolve around intensive care to avoid any organ failure. This type of treatment is expensive and requires a high sum insurance A family health cover can help tide over these costly treatments.

Coverage: Coronavirus health hospitalization has a wide range of medical cost coverage. We at HDFC ERGO cover you against hospitalization expenses.

Waiting period: This timeline is the number of days to wait for, before you get your expenses reimbursed. Most health insurance policies have awaiting period of 30 days for almost every treatment except for accidental emergencies. Similarly, if you buy a health insurance plan today you can make a claim after 30 days only for any hospitalization other than accidental emergency.

In case of Coronavirus, the situation is regarded as a medical emergency and the affected person settles the claim via the following options. 

Cashless treatment: In this case, if the policy holder undergoes the treatment in a network hospital, the authorities there directly send the necessary documents to the respective insurance provider and the payment is settled directly between the two stakeholders. 

Reimbursement: This is the straightforward procedure where the policyholder first pays for the entire treatment and then submits the necessary documents to the insurance office to claim the expenses. 

Go for HDFC ERGO policy for Coronavirus treatment

For many Indians who are wondering “is Coronavirus covered in health insurance?” here’s some good news. HDFC ERGO offers hospitalization coverage against coronavirus treatment subject to policy conditions. 

How can HDFC ERGO help you with your treatment? We cover hospitalisatione expenses for Coronavirus treatment.


Having health insurance during these trying times can prove beneficial for your financial stability as well as your mental health. So, stop worrying and thinking “is coronavirus covered in insurance?” HDFC ERGO makes things simple with cashless hospitalization, instant claim assistance and constant customer support. 

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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