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Importance of Health Insurance in Today's Modern Day Lifestyle


Modern day lifestyle is striving hard to take people away from healthy living, and has succeeded to a great extent. The fast paced life brings with it stress and anxiety that is also taking a toll on the physical health. Whether you blame the rising level of pollution or the mushrooming of junk food corners, the truth is that the modern lifestyle has put the general population at certain health risks. However, thanks to various kinds of wellness campaign and greater emphasis on holistic living, the general population is becoming vigilant about the link between lifestyle choices and health. There seem to be an overdrive, wherein people are taking up comprehensive Health Insurance Plans to safeguard their health at the same time incorporating healthier choices.

Even though the awareness for health is increasing, the stressed out work schedule is leaving less scope for people to do much about it. Non-stop snacking and frequent smoking are the common scenario in offices where people stay in sedentary position for 9-10 hours a day. Some other bad habits in the day-to-day life that act as health spoilers are:

  • Avoiding exercise and other physical activity: Working till late and carrying work home are common these days when the stress in office is mounting high. The exercise has slowly moved out of the daily routine, and has invited various chronic diseases.

  • Skipping breakfast every other day: Getting up late and rushing for office leave no time for breakfast. The most important diet of the day that determines the energy level throughout the day is sadly ignored by most of the people. Empty stomach in the morning leads to slow metabolism, sluggishness and weight gain.

  • Dependence on pain killers and sedatives: Pain killers and sedatives are doing more harm in the long-run than giving instant relief. Habitual use of painkillers leads to ulcers, high blood pressure and even heart attacks.

  • Smoking and drinking: This habit is not new, but the percentage of people addicted to smoking and drinking has increased considerably in the present time. Those who are dependent upon alcohol and smoking as a stress buster are developing depression, blood pressure problems, and heart diseases in the long run.

  • Spending free time sitting idle on the couch: The common routine of people is watching TV or playing games online when at home. By turning free time into TV time, people are drifting towards other bad habits like the increased intake of high-calorie soft drinks and snacks. This pattern leads to higher chances of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

With such bad habits, one cannot even think of staying immune to diseases throughout their life.  As people even in their 20s suffering from depression and anxiety, it’s an alarming call for the present generation to gear up and fight against health issues. Getting rid of bad habits can help in bringing life back to the track of healthy living, but is it enough?

Is the youth of today that believes in the philosophy of extravagant living is saving enough to pay for immediate hospital bills? Accidents and diseases come without any warning. With health care becoming expensive with time, it’s even more important to get a Health Insurance. Those who are covered under health insurance can recover speedily from accident or diseases without worrying about hospital bills.

The earlier you get health insurance, the more secured you are against the treatment charges of diseases that you may develop with the passing of time. From doctor fees to hospital room rents, all can be covered under health insurance, making people ready to fight diseases with more determination and peace of mind. Those who get a health insurance in the early stage of life can enjoy insurance coverage for most of the diseases they may develop in future. With Medical Insurance Policies for Individuals and Family, people can at least stay guarded to fight against diseases, if they cannot prevent them.

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Policies has a network of more than 5000 hospitals in India where the insurance holders can avail cashless hospitalization facility with no capping on Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathic treatment. HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha, best medical insurance plan puts no sub-limits on hospital room rents and doctor fees, while most of the other health insurance schemes have some sort of limit on these facilities. With least documentation required and prompt settlement time, HDFC ERGO health insurance is acting as a great help in happy recovery of its clients.

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