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How to Protect Your Parents from Coronavirus

The primary reason behind the high number of fatalities in these European countries is the age-group of the population. Over 95% of deaths occurred in those who were 60 years or above, while 50% of the deaths were among those who where 80 years and above.

However, instead of panicking, you can seek ways to protect elderly from coronavirus. Here’s what you can do.

  • Take Care of Yourself First
    As the caregiver, it is important that you stay healthy and take the necessary precautions to avoid getting infected.  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds. Wear a mask when going out in public places for your daily shopping needs and maintain atleast 1 meter distance from others. If possible, avoid gatherings with more than 5 people. Disinfect commonly used surfaces like kitchen slabs, doorknobs, or walkers for your parent regularly, to keep the virus at bay. 

  • Ensure Regular Exercise and Meditation
    It is important for all the family members, especially the elderly, to boost their immunity with simple exercises and meditation practices. Sit with your parents as they meditate and help them out with simple workouts as a sign of encouragement and ensure that they stay mentally healthy too.

  • Avoid Any Elective Doctors’ Visits
    Though regular medical checkups are important for the elderly, avoiding non-essential visits can help achieve better social distancing and keep them away from COVID inflicted areas and surfaces. Prevention is better than cure in this case. 

  • Enrich their Diet
    Like exercise, diet too plays a vital role in building up immunity. Ensure that your parents are consuming foods like fruits, green leafy vegetables and fresh juices to stay healthy from the inside. They also need adequate lean proteins like eggs, chicken and fish for strength. Whole grains are also necessary for a smooth digestive system.

  • Monitor their Health
    Keep an eye out for any changes in your parents’ health status, especially their respiratory activities. Are they coughing more or often feeling breathless? Check their temperature on a daily basis, and in case of any discrepancy, contact the nearest certified healthcare facility for advice. 

  • Keep them Happy
    Meditation is not the only way to achieve mental stability and satisfaction. So, encourage your parents to follow their heart, take up a hobby that makes them happy or video call their friends and extended family. This will keep them engaged and alleviate anxiety. Watch fun shows and movies together as laughter is often deemed as the best medicine! 

  • Encourage them to Follow Healthy Practices
    Just like you, your parents too need to embrace hygienic practices on their own to stay away from the coronavirus. So, educate them about the right practices, like sneezing into the elbows, washing hands frequently, not touching their face, and disposing used tissue in a closed bin. These healthy habits will go a long way in keeping them safe and protect elderly from coronavirus without your constant attention. 


Some simple measures and tweaks are all you need to protect elderly from coronavirus. Guide and educate them about all safe practices and consult a doctor online or via phone first, in case of any emergency. Also one can be prepared for emergency by buying health insurance.

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