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How to buy the right health insurance plan for kids ?

When a child is born, it changes many things in the family. The entire life of the parents starts revolving around the child. They meticulously plan everything to ensure that the child gets nothing but the best. From the best nutrition to quality education, they provide everything to the child. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of child care is health security.

With the rising cost of medical care, it is equally important to financially secure the health of the child through health insurance policies in the market

Health Insurance for Kids - Why is it important?

Many people believe that health insurance is meant for old people as they fall sick often. However, children are equally (and sometimes even more) prone to falling sick.  From birth to preteens, children need special care.  And with the spiraling cost of medical care, it is only rational that they invest in a proper health care plan for kids.

There are no health plans that cover children individually. So, if you are looking to buy comprehensive healthcare for your child, you can go for a family floater health insurance plan. In case of a family floater policy, your child will be covered for a value of maximum sum assured.

Family Health Insurance Policy

Buying early family floater policy has many benefits. In addition to providing health security, it may also provide maternity cover and pay for all the expenses related to it. However, there is always a waiting period of 3-4 years only after which you can get maternity benefits.

Most family floater policy allows adding a maximum of 2 children in an insurance plan. If you have taken a family floater policy currently covering you, your spouse and a child, and planning your second child, then you can add the child in the same policy. There is no need to take a separate policy for it. Of course, the premium will increase with the addition of a new member but the difference won’t be significant.

Getting a child covered under family floater policy is convenient too as everyone is covered under the same policy. And the increase in premium value in case of adding a child is very less but the coverage he will receive will be equal to the value of the maximum sum insured. Clearly the best deal for parents.

The family health insurance plan by HDFC ERGO is one such plan that let you insure two children below the age of 18 in the family floater policy. You can add a new-born in the policy after the child reaches 3 months of age.


In today’s era of pollution and lifestyle diseases, it only makes sense to secure your child health with the good health insurance policy. Plan ahead and be ready to fight the ever-increasing health care cost.

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