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Health Insurance for NRIs

Can NRI’s buy health insurance in India? Is a commonly asked question by all the non-residents Indians?

Many of us reside overseas; however keep coming back to India. If you are one of them and constantly feel weather you are eligible to get a treatment in India or no, then read further as we unveil the details.

Are we eligible?

Yes, however there aren’t any specific health insurance plans for NRI you can always buy one and secure yourself. You may have to submit your Indian citizenship evidences such as passport, ITR and other related documents for making the purchase. PIOs (Persons of Indian Origins) can present an Indian passport with other documents.

Plans Available for NRIs

Being an NRI you can buy any health insurance plans in India for yourself, family or parents to give a complete health cover. Though health insurance in India for NRI can be opted one needs to select the plan term and understand the terms and conditions before signing up for one.

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Terms and conditions for health insurance for NRIs

Geographical limitations: For NRIs it’s important to know that health insurance policy bought in India will cover your hospitalization expenses that take place within the boundaries of India. If you have a health insurance policy in India you cannot undergo a treatment at Malaysia and claim it with an Indian health insurance policy or company.

NRI health insurance policy issuance may have certain set of conditions as they’re more prone to health risks. So a limitation in opting for Sum Insured can be put.

Tax benefits remain the same, medical insurance in India for NRI allows them to enjoy tax saving upto 55,000.

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In a nutshell, you can easily buy a health insurance plan in India and seek treatment once you are in the country without any worries. Keep renewing your policies and opt for a total health cover for family.

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