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Health and Safety Tips for Christmas and New Year

It is that time of the year when life goals can take a break, important meetings can get postponed and stress can hide somewhere for a while. It is the year end and with Christmas and New Year just round the corner, there are effortless smiles on faces. There is reason to shop, there is reason to eat and there is reason to greet. Those series of invites to different parties have you all excited, isn’t it? Well, with enjoyment comes a great deal of responsibility too. Here are some very simple steps that you can follow in order to make sure that the festive season leaves behind only cherished memories.

1. Watch what you eat: Of course this is the official dessert season and it would not be fair to stay away from sugar like the rest of the year but it is a good idea to be well aware of your health and eat responsibly. If you suffer from health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases etc. do consult your doctor or dietician beforehand. Small, simple cooking tips can help. For example: using jaggery instead of sugar as a sweetener can make desserts healthier.

2. Go for a health checkup: It is a good idea to prepare your health for the festive season. There are various aspects of health that can go for a toss during festive season considering that you will exert yourself, eat unhealthy, sleepless and indulge in drinking as well. This is where a wholesome health insurance plan is the answer. If you do not have one yet, buy a health insurance plan and secure your and your family's future not just until the festive season but for years to come. With health insurance, you get the promise of an all-encompassing cover with seamless assistance. Here are some exclusive benefits of having a health insurance policy.

3. Don’t drink and drive: If you know you are going to a party where you would be drinking, make sure you take a cab. Do not drive. Even mild drinking can affect your driving pattern and land you in a bad accident. When there are cab services available, it is wiser to use them rather that exerting yourself.

4. Take ample rest: Late night parties can completely ruin your sleep cycle and in turn impact your health. Ensure you have all your meals, stay hydrated and take enough rest so that what you are meant to enjoy, does not end up ruining your health.

We tend to take up a lot of stress during the festive season in terms to how many parties need to be attended how many gifts to be bought and how to look one’s best during this time. Well, while you indulge in all that, remember that the festivals are all about love, togetherness and a peaceful, happy time together.

Diclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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