A Guide to Health Insurance Renewal

So, last year you had bought your first health insurance policy, which means this year it’s due for renewal. Last year you had covered yourself and family with a total health cover, how about continuing the trend and renewing policies online instantly to enjoy continuity benefits. Buying health insurance means you have taken that one most important step of securing your family and any medical emergencies, however renewing it every year means being even more responsible enough to continue offering that care and protection.

Why is it important to renew health insurance policies?

  • Enjoy continued benefits
  • Zero exposure to risk
  • Financial stability
  • Cumulative Bonus (which keeps accumulating on every claim free year)

How can renewal be done online?

Thanks to the digital penetration, we need not go to the insurance companies or call up agents to get the health insurance policies, all you have to do is look for HDFC ERGO online renewal of health insurance policy, enter your policy number and pay your premium for the coming year.

Does the insurance renew itself or not?

For every health insurance policy, you have to renew it on yearly basis (in case of annual plan).

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