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Guide to Buying Family Medical Insurance in India

Remember last time you went to meet a friend at a hospital and how carefree he was about hospitalization expenses? It’s because he had a medical health insurance plan in place. Similarly, you too need to have a health insurance plan for your family. Buying a health insurance plan for your family will help you save yourself from financial deficiency. These days you can easily look around for family floater health insurance plans for your family and instead of buying individual health insurance plans and keeping a track on all of them, you can get one family floater health plan with higher sum insured.

What gets covered under family medical insurance in India?

Hospitalization Expenses: We cover hospitalization expenses exhaustively without implying any room rent restrictions. You also get pre hospitalization expenses (60 days before hospitalization) covered like diagnostic charges, blood investigations and consultation expenses. We also cover medical treatment expenses for alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani and Siddha.

Cashless network hospitals: You need to check the nearest cashless hospital before buying a family medical insurance. We at HDFC ERGO have a huge network of 9300+ cashless hospitals catering customers’ medical requirements.

Day care procedures: If your illness or minor surgery can be performed in a day, then the expenses get covered. Traditionally, hospitalization exceeding 24Hrs was covered but now day care treatments also get covered.

In-home treatment or domiciliary expenses: If your medical practitioner advises you for treatment or home then you can undergo medical treatments at home, we cover expenses related to the same.

Organ Donor Expenses: For a noble deed as organ donation, we cover the organ harvesting expenses caused to the donor.

Maternity Cover: We offer maternity expenses such as pre-post natal expenses for mother. New born bay is also covered under this.

Plans offered for family health insurance

Health Suraksha : This health plan offers health care at no room rent restrictions.

my:health Medisure Classic: It covers maternity expenses and has an option to add critical illness as a rider. There is a waiting period of 4 years in both Health Suruksha Gold and Medisure Classic

my:health Medisure Super Top-up: Acts as a top up on your existing health insurance plan.

Factors affecting premium calculation for health insurance in India

  • Age: The age of the family members fix the health insurance premium.
  • No of members: Higher the number of people covered, higher would be the premium.
  • Pre-existing illness: If any family member has pre existing illness the premium would increase.
  • Sum Insured: Higher sum insured leads to higher premium and vice versa.



Cosmetic surgery: If you wish to undergo any cosmetic surgery or obesity treatment then the expenses is not covered.

Self inflicted injury: Any injury or ailment caused due to self infliction remains uncovered


Participation in adventure: We do not cover any medical expenses towards death or injury caused due to participation in adventure sports.

Conclusion: Buying a health insurance for family is a must; it lets the happiness sail in forever. As you do not have to think of cancelling a must-awaited vacation for spending on hospital bills.


Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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