Don't Allow Critical Illness to Derail your Life

According to the World Health Organization, half of all heart attacks in India occur under the age of 50 years and 25% under the age of 40. It is estimated that India will have over 1.6 million strokes per year by 2015, resulting in disabilities on one third of them.

Heart disease has emerged as the number one killer among Indians, according to a recent study by the Registrar General of India and the Indian Council of Medical Research. About 25% of deaths in the age group of 25-69 years occur because of heart diseases.

The results truly emphasize the need to have adequate coverage against such contingencies. With medical costs spiralling out of control for ailments like Stroke, Hypertension, Cardiac Arrests etc, it has become imperative to plan for such eventualities.

HDFC ERGO has designed a plan to take away most of your worries. The policy pays a lump sum benefit (upto the Sum Insured opted) on the very first diagnosis and a minimum survival period. At an affordable premium, it's a must buy!


1: Provides a lump sum benefit which can pay for:

a) Costs for the care and treatment

b)Recuperation aids

c)Debts pay off

2: Tax Benefit under section 80D

3: Option of a one year or two year policy coverage period

4: Life Long Renewability


1: Pays a lump sum, upto the Sum Insured on first diagnosis of any one of the following Critical Illnesses, after a 30 Day survival period from the date of the first diagnosis.


a) Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)
b) Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
c) Stroke
d) Cancer
e) Kidney Failure
f) Major Organ Transplantation
g) Multiple Sclerosis
h) Paralysis

2: Covers persons in the age group 5 years onwards up to 45 years (Children would be covered only if both the parents are also covered) on an individual basis. Above 45 years pre-policy medical check would be required.

3: Pre-Policy Check may be required depending on the age and sum insured at the company specified centre at your own cost.

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