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Delhi SMOG – An Alarm to Buy Health Insurance

These days whenever you turn on your television and watch news all you get to know on the headlines is about how Delhi Smog is affecting the quality of life and leading to several illnesses. This matter is of serious concern that we can’t really control the air that we breathe. And, not just Delhi this will also affect adjacent cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad etc. Since, there’s so much talking that’s happening around let’s understand what SMOG is and why is it so harmful."Smog" is a combination of smoke and fog, a term coined by Dr. Henry Antoine Des Voeux in 1905. The smoke emitted from coal fires, power-producing plants, vehicles, crop burning and so on, combined with natural fog creates a deadly mix that can cause some serious health issues. It has evident effects on the health of children, aged seniors, and those with lung or heart conditions. However, severe smog can affect just about anyone.

Ill effects of SMOG

  • Tremendous risk of heart diseases

  • Lung cancer and respiratory issues

  • There could be accidents due to low visibility

  • Overall lifespan may also reduce

These effects may not be immediate but over the period of time several symptoms may prove that SMOG is harmful to every living being on this planet. This itself is an alarming stage for each one of us to understand the importance of clean air which is a basic necessity and take necessary precautions to ensure a better tomorrow is what we create for the future generations.

How health insurance acts as a friend?

Having a health insurance plan means that you have a security which protects you and stays besides you during the time of need. Whenever you are hospitalised or you are undergoing medically necessary treatment, a health insurance plan comes to your rescue and saves you from financial burden.

6 ways to stay safe from the ill effects of SMOG in Delhi

  • Wear a face mask that blocks PM 2.5 dust and have a filtration rate up to 95 percent.

  • Use air purifiers in your home or office

  • Make use of public vehicles

  • Undergo medical tests to check if you are already suffering from ailments due to SMOG

  • Limit yourself from burning fireworks

  • Check your vehicles regularly to ensure they comply with the guidelines laid by pollution control board.

In case you suffer from any ailments due to SMOG your health insurance covers you against the medical expenses like:

  • Pre & Post hospitalisation expenses

  • Diagnostic charges

  • ICU Costs

  • Bed and nursing costs

  • Medicine costs

  • In-home health care

  • Alternate Treatment Benefits

However, its important you buy your health insurance early as the premium will increase as per the age and in case you suffer from any respiratory problem and then take a health insurance then your health insurance premium may rise due to pre existing illnesses. Looking at the present SMOG conditions in Delhi if not controlled this problem may spread to other parts of the country. However, little can be done towards curbing it however if you have a health insurance plan with you then you may stay relief from financial expenses that come due to hospitalisation due to ill effects of SMOG.

With HDFC ERGO Health Insurance we cover you totally at the time of need and let you take it easy!

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