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Critical Illness Insurance Is a Must for Working Professionals

Working for extended hours in office has become a trend these days. Constantly staring at the desktop and sitting in the same position for all day long may affect your heath drastically. Our everyday hectic office schedule often leads to improper eating habits; we either end up skipping meals or over eat junk at the end of the day.  Following such a sedentary lifestyle may lead to develop several other diseases which could be fatal. Such is the impact of critical illnesses that it may not only take a long recovery time but also require a long-term treatment for total cure. It’s not just the patient who suffers, even the family members go through a tough phase during treatment. Due to the advancement of medical science, the treatment expenses for some critical illness is so high that it not only imbalances your financial status but may also create emotional stress. Hence, it’s always better to stay safe and prepared than be sorry later. To remain well protected to deal against any such critical illnesses, it’s advisable to opt for HDFC ERGO’s critical illness health cover.

Why working professionals have become prone to Critical Illnesses?

Young working professionals follow a hectic lifestyle; they either skip meals or highly rely on outside food. With the growing cases of food adulteration and preservative content in packed food, there are high probabilities that working professionals may get exposed to carcinoma diseases. Sedentary lifestyle and excessive work stress may hamper your body and disturb its usual functionalities. Similarly, lifestyle diseases have become very common these days, one out of every four Indians suffer from stroke, heart attack or cancer before the age of 70. The changing lifestyle of working professionals has opened arms for life-threatening diseases. It’s high time we opt for a Critical Illness cover to effectively fight against the diseases and maintain financial stability.

Why critical illness is a must opt health plan for working professionals?

Thanks to the latest advancement in the field of medical science, the cost of treating critical illness is rising every year. It requires lakhs of rupees for treating critical illness and also a long recovery time for treatment. Unarguably, critical illnesses drains away your finances and doesn’t permit you to work, in such a scenario only a critical illness plan can act as a saviour. It not only lessens your financial burden but also eases the mental stress while you are undergoing the treatment. With HDFC ERGO critical illness cover financial worries stay at bay.

What are the benefits of HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Insurance Plan for Working Professionals?

Critical Illness Insurance Plan offers lump-sum compensation in one single transaction upon diagnosis of the listed critical illness to cover costs incurred towards medical treatment. It’s beneficial to meet unplanned medical expenses, ensure quality treatment and reinstate loss of income due to prolonged treatment with a Critical Illness policy.

Tax Benefits

Under section 80D, you can save tax by investing into critical illness health insurance plan. Hence, it is also a good way to save tax and invest for your unforeseen medical expenses.

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