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Concept of Room Rent Limit in Health Insurance

Health Insurance in a larger scope has a lot to talk about; however there are few key elements that need a lot of demystification. Such is the concept of room rents, though it may sound simple but it needs some understanding to know how actually the concept of room rent works. Let’s understand with some examples on how does the functionality of room rent works and why should you know about it before buying a health insurance plan in India.

How room rent works with Health Insurance in India?

Room rent in nothing but the per day bed or room charges that hospital asks the patient to pay. With a health insurance cover your room rent is settled by your insurance company.

Case Study: If your room rent is Rs. 2000 per day then your other charges such as nursing, Doctor visit and other diagnostic expenses is proportionately equal to your room rent or type. Similarly, if you go for a private deluxe suite for Rs. 8000 per day basis then your other medical expenses and charges increase proportionately to your room rent. Hence, it is always advisable to buy a policy with no room rent sub-limits.  HDFC ERGO’s Health Suraksha Insurance provides zero restriction on hospital room rents, hence it’s recommendable.

 Now, there are four types of health insurance room rent coverage

  • Room Rent without Sub Limits
  • Room Rent with Co-payments
  • Room Rent with specified room types
  • Room rent without sub-limits as an add on cover

Room Rent without Sub Limits

The most looked after feature with any health insurance company is no restriction on room rents. This benefit gives you the much needed freedom to choose your desired room type. It could be a general ward or private suite; you can choose your most-suited room type. You don’t really have any restriction on choosing your room type.

Room Rent with Co-payments

At times, health insurance plans have room rent limits on co-payment basis. This means if your health insurance specifies a limit for room rent, then anything that you spend over and above the specified room rent has to be paid by you/the insured. This helps in payment reduction and allows you to share the expenses of room rents.

Room Rent Cover with Specified Room Types

Few health insurance companies offer health cover with specified room types. Like, you can go for a twin sharing suite or a private suite. This means that you can get hospitalized in these pre-mentioned room types only.

Room rent without sub-limits as an add on cover

With HDFC ERGO’s my: health Medisure Classic you can buy no room rent sub-limits as an add on cover. You don’t get it in the default policy; however you can pay an additional amount for getting this cover.

Conclusion: Buying a health insurance plan with exhaustive coverage is the key, so that you are never underinsured. Hence, always choose a policy with either no restriction on room rent or an option to buy as an add on cover.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales.

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