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Best Family Health Insurance Plans in India

We all work hard and make sacrifices in order to take care of our loved ones. Seeing our families hale and hearty is one of our life’s best sights.  Family Health Insurance serves this goal by securing our families future and well being. We have a range of reputable insurance companies in India, which are offering health plans that can cover your whole family under one umbrella. Pick a plan that stands strong on your idea of a good family health plan.

Families prefer to get a family floater plan instead of several individual covers as it helps in saving substantial money. You can cover yourself along with your spouse and kids under one plan, paying one premium. Some companies allow parents and in-laws too under the same policy. Also, the total cost of the insurance is way less than what you would pay for four or more different policies. Hence, they offer less cost, more people and a higher sum insured. Apart from the cost factor, you are free from the hassles of maintaining several individual health plans. Moreover, it is fairly easy to include names of new members in this plan.

When making a comparison, one should always make a list of the basic coverage features offered under the policy. In addition, the plan should be designed considering the pre-existing diseases of all family members who are to be covered. Most of the health care plans offer in-patient treatment, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation as basic coverage. However, the terms and conditions for each depends on the insurance provider’s policy.

Deciding the sum insured in your Family Health Insurance can be a tricky task. With inflation, the healthcare costs are bound to rise, and the insured amount should be locked in accordance with the same. The number of family members in the plan, their age and their health conditions are other important factors that should determine your sum insured. For instance, a nuclear family with young members will require a lower sum. On the contrary, a higher sum will be needed if you sign up for a policy covering more number of members or aged parents.

However,companies offer the provision to upgrade your sum insured at the time of renewal, as and when you feel the need and have the resources. Insurance companies reward for timely renewals and No Claim Bonuses with an increased sum insured or premium discounts, or a combination of both.

Before purchasing an insurance policy, ensure that you understand the claim filing and settling process. Speak to the insurance provider to help you understand the different clauses in the policy. From filling the claim form to the documents that are required to be submitted — you should learn about all such details to avoid any inconveniences later.

The best way to enhance a Family Health Plan is through a top-up policy. These add-on riders boost your existing health plan at a low and an affordable cost while providing a host of benefits. Some of these advantages include lifelong renewability, no sub-limits, and tax benefits.

Is there any thought more fulfilling than the assurance of one’s families’ well being? Certainly not. Take a step towards that goal for your family’s safety and for your own peace of mind by investing in a family floater plan —a financial cover that will take care of all the medical costs during a crisis, while you and your loved ones concentrate on healing.

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