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Benefits of Buying Health Insurance at an Early Age

Health Insurance is truly our friend who sticks by us when we need it the most. Although there is no specific age for buying a health insurance plan, it is always advisable to start it as early as possible. When you buy a health insurance plan during the early course of life it offers umpteen benefits. Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying health insurance plans online at an early age.

Lower premium

Many people tend to ask this common question do health insurance premiums increase with age. Yes health insurance premium increase with age. Higher the age higher the risk higher the premium. For example a 21 year old is lesser prone to diseases as compared to a 51 year old. If you buy health insurance plan at an early age, you can get a much higher cover at a low premium.

Lesser exclusions

Generally health insurance companies impose exclusions for all the diseases you’ve suffered from or diseases that are prone to occur in future to keep the risk rate low. Having such exclusions may not let you enjoy the full cover. While you plan to buy it early when you aren’t suffering from any critical or major disease, you are most likely to enjoy a full-fledged health cover.

No Health Check up

At an early age you are not supposed to undergo a medical check-up. However, most of the insurance companies ask you to undergo a mandatory health check-up post 50 years. In case the reports show health adversity or high BMI then there are chances one might have to pay higher loading on premium amount leading to increase in health insurance premiums.

There has been a steady increase in health insurance premiums in India due to higher cover and higher age of the insured person.

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