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All you need to know about Health Insurance

Health is one of the most crucial aspects of your life and it is important to have health insurance in case of an emergency. Besides financial coverage, health insurance also provides you peace of mind and access to quality health care services.

A health insurance plan from HDFC ERGO comes with a myriad of benefits. Some of which are:

  1. Coverage for pre as well as post hospitalization charges
  2. Hospital expenses like room rent and boarding
  3. Doctor’s fee
  4. Ambulance charges
  5. Cashless claim facility in network hospitals
  6. Various customizable health insurance plans to suit the needs of different individuals

Following are the benefits of the health insurance plans offered by HDFC ERGO:

  1. Benefit of registering a claim through smartphone application
  2. A myriad of value added services to enhance the coverage of your policy
  3. Maximum coverage at affordable premiums
  4. Numerous top up and super top plans
  5. 24/7 assistance by customer care for claim settlement
  6. Option to purchase and renew health insurance online to save the hassle of paperwork
  7. Benefit of tax exemption under section 80D of income tax act

Why is health insurance mandatory?

Having health insurance comes with a plethora of benefits besides hassle free medical assistance and financial coverage for your health care expenses. It is vital to have a suitable health insurance plan in order to safeguard your hard earned money. The rising cost of medical treatments and poor lifestyle choices have made health insurance more important than ever. It also helps you avail cashless facilities in reputed hospitals, some of which are not affordable for most middle class families otherwise.

What is the claim process for health insurance?

Policyholders can register their claims online as well as offline. For offline claims, you can call on the toll-free number where the executive will guide you with the entire process of claim registration. The online registration is however much quicker and hassle free. You can visit your network hospital and verify your details before you send your pre authorization form to your policy provider.

For a reimbursement claim, all you have to do is submit all relevant documents to the insurance company which will be verified before your claim is approved. In case of any discrepancy, your insurance provider will ask for more details or contact you for submitting further proofs and documents.

It is suggested that before you choose your insurance provider, you do a thorough research and choose only the one which has a good market standing and a reliable claim settlement ratio.

Hope this article helped you understand everything about health insurance. It is recommended that you purchase a suitable health insurance plan for yourself as well as your family if you have not done so yet to safeguard the health of your family members.


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