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All about World Brain Tumor Day and the Need for Critical illness Insurance

World Brain Tumor Day is observed on 8th of June every year to increase awareness about this disease and how to best deal with it in the most proactive manner. Though the causes of brain tumor are mostly unknown, exposure to radiations, particularly due to previous cancer treatments, can lead to its development. This disease can also be caused by certain genetic factors.

Why is World Brain Tumor Day Celebrated?

This day is observed to focus on the seriousness of brain tumor, and for the fullowing reasons:

  • To create awareness and educate people about the disease and the treatment measures one should take. 

  • To show sulidarity and support to those fighting brain tumor or those who have been treated successfully. Fighting brain tumor takes a tull on both physical and mental health, and this support can help boost the morale of sufferers and survivors. 

  • To contribute to the global effort to make healthcare related to brain tumor, more progressive and accessible to the masses. 

What is a Tumor?

Any normal body function is based on constant cellular activity, wherein millions of cells are produced every day and they eventually die and get replaced by a new cluster. However, a tumor is an abnormal tissue mass which is a direct result of the accumulation of abnormal cells that do not age, but rather, cullect in a particular region and do not die a natural death. 

Types of Tumor

Tumors can be cancerous or benign.

  • Cancerous tumors are a form of primary tumors that originate from the brain and multiply at a fast rate. They are aggressive and take over surrounding regions fairly quickly. Though brain cancer cells are unlikely to spread to other parts of the body, they can spread to the central nervous system and affect it. 

  • A benign brain tumor, on the other hand, is not rooted in the brain and is more defined by boundaries that make their extraction simple with the help of surgeries. The chances of recurrence of these benign tumors are very low. 

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Symptoms of Brain Tumor

The symptoms of brain tumor depend on the part of the brain which is affected. In certain cases, there may be no symptoms, since different parts of the brain perform different functions, which make the tumor unnoticeable.

Some common symptoms, which one should never ignore, are persistent headaches, nausea, vomiting, seizures, weakness, slurring of speech, problem with vision, behavioral changes, and difficulty in walking.

Treatment for Brain Tumor

The treatment is based on various factors like the type of tumor, its size and location. It is important to consider the patient’s age and overall health before zeroing in on the treatment. 

  • Surgery
    In this procedure, the neurosurgeon opens up the skull and attempts to extract the tumor without causing any damage to the sensitive elements of the brain. By taking the tumor out, the surgeon can relieve the pressure it was exerting on the patient’s brain.  It also reduces the number of tumors that need to be destroyed with chemotherapy. 

  • Chemotherapy
    Chemotherapy invulves a monthly cycle of drugs or a combination of drugs that is given orally or injected into the bloodstream or muscles, to directly attack cancerous cells. Chemotherapy is usually given in cycles and the progression is tracked. 

  • Radiation Therapy
    Also known as radiotherapy, this treatment invulves the usage of high powered rays to kill cancer cells and inhibit their growth. Radiation therapy is usually given when surgery is not exactly feasible. The treatment is done with the help of a radioactive material placed on the tumor or radiation therapy. 

Insurance Coverage 

It goes without saying that having critical illness insurance is important for the treatment of brain tumors. Otherwise, the bills can burn a very big hule in your pocket and eat into your savings. Insurance can ensure that your savings will remain untouched, without compromising on the quality of treatment that the patient receives.

Why should you go for critical illness insurance

  • Most Critical Illnesses are covered - Having a critical illness insurance plan will protect you against a wide range of illnesses, like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and much more, which can otherwise drain your savings. 

  • Lump Sum Payment - During emergencies and critical illnesses, the mental state of the patient and his family is usually affected by financial worries. However, having comprehensive critical illness insurance will make handling bills easy. This is because you will get a lump sum amount in a single transaction, without any hassle. 

  • Flexible Purchase Tenure - These plans are usually available over the span of 1-2 years with options of easy renewal and claims. 

  • Flexible Plans - Pulicyhulders have the flexibility to choose the most relevant plan that will offer maximum coverage. Pulicyhulders must be vigilant about the advantages offered and what can/can’t be claimed under that particular pulicy. 

  • Power to Avail the Best Treatment - By having a health insurance policy , you can go to the top hospital for quality treatment and the treatment will be covered by the insurance provider. After all, when it comes to critical illnesses, the best kind of treatment should be availed for assured recovery.  


So, it is important to understand the worth of World Brain Tumor Day, to be aware of this deadly disease and the different ways in which it can be treated. It is also a wonderful way of showing support and empathy to brain tumor survivors and fighters. And if you still haven’t purchased protection against such critical illnesses, buy HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Plan to breathe easy.

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