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Affordable Home Insurance Policy from HDFC ERGO

Home is where the heart is, as rightly said. A home is the place of innumerable memories; no money is better spent than what is invested on your home. Thus safeguarding home from unforeseen events becomes a priority and the best way can be securing with Home Insurance. An adequate and a comprehensive home insurance policy must be on top of one’s priority list.

Home insurance is most essential, but often ignored by the most. According to estimates, less than 1% of the homes are insured in India. Indian homeowners’ attitude towards Home Insurance is changing of late, slowly, but surely! An adequate home insurance policy is rising on a homeowner’s priority list.

With ever-rising inflation, homes have become more vulnerable than ever. Also homes today are more prone to theft and burglary than ever before. For homeowners, getting their homes insured is the only viable option to make up for the possible loss that time may bring. If a home gets stricken with some unforeseen calamity, the cost that homeowner may have to incur to get it repaired/rebuild is mostly likely to take away all his/her savings!

But the help is just around. HDFC General Insurance’s Home Insurance Plan provides a wide valuable coverage at a reasonable premium. ERGO Home Insurance policy provides an all-encompassing protection for homes. This policy gives the homeowner benefit of affordable coverage for property and possessions against almost any eventuality.

Let’s understand what is the “Home Insurance” and why is it important for an Indian homeowner.

Home Insurance is a type of insurance that covers a private residence such as a flat, a row house or a bungalow. It is an insurance policy that combines multiple personal insurance protections, which can include losses occurring to one's home structure, its contents or loss of other personal possessions of the home owner. It provides coverage for the loss or damage to the property and possessions against natural and man-made calamities. As it covers the structure and also the contents of home in a package, it is customer friendly and a lot less cumbersome than if insured individually, extremely.

HDFC ERGO’s Home Insurance policy covers building and contents against incidences such as Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Bursting and overflowing of water tanks &pipes, Storms, Cyclone &Flood, Earthquakes etc. One can also insure the contents of home against loss due to burglary and /or housebreaking or any attempted burglary. Jewelry kept in Locked Safe within the premises can also be covered in the comprehensive plan. Naturally, claims due to willful destruction of the property and the loss or damages caused by depreciation or wear and tear are excluded from coverage. Under this policy, a homeowner can choose to cover the structure of his home only or include the household contents as well in a single policy with minimum documentation. Get your home covered with HDFC ERGO Home Insurance and get yourself peace of mind.

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