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A Deep Dive into Why You Need to Get Family Health Insurance Today

Whether you are a family of two or a family of four or more, having a family health insurance ppolicy is a priority that ensures that your loved ones get the right medical aid in times of need,without having to deal with big medical bills. For an average 4-member family, hospitalizationcharges can run into thousands and lakhs of rupees, and not having health insurance for your family can put their happiness and health as well as your financial stability at a great risk. 

After all, lifestyle diseases, critical illnesses, and of course, the recent pandemic can disrupt the health of millions. And, not everyone has the money to meet these expenses.Thus, it is necessary to consider a comprehensive family health insurance plan to tide over the financial woes in times of a crisis. 

Reasons to Buy Health Insurance for Your Family

Though getting a family health insurance should be considered as a top priority, here are some reasons that will direct you towards securing your loved ones with the right cover.

  • Medical Inflation: With the rising number of health issues, medical costs are bound to inflate, which can easily translate to financial instability and loss of savings. Choosing health insurance plans for familycan help you beat this inflation. 

  • Rising Number of Diseases: Lifestyle diseases as well as critical illnesses are on the rise like never before, making hospital visits and checkups a regular affair. You need financial reinforcement to bear these expenses. A family health insurance can cover these costs and help you save money. 

  • Insufficient Insurance Plans: Insurance plans are not of the one-size-fits-all type, as health issues can vary from person to person, mandating a difference in treatment at every step. Hence, it is important to closely look at your family insurance policy and make it ample enough to cover your family’s wellbeing.

Several insurance providers also make applying for the right health insurance plans easy by transitioning the entire process online. How does going online benefit you?

  • Convenience: Simply opening your computer and visiting your insurance provider’s website for a policy purchase is much easier than making a trip to their office. Moreover, you can also check for any missing information instantly and make your plan more robust. 

  • Instant policy issuance: Once youkey in your details and your identification proofs, you will become a proud as well as secure owner of a family health insurance plan. 

  • Secure payment process: Reputed insurance providers understand the need to safeguard their customers’ sensitive information and processes. Therefore, their payment gateways are secure and fortified with multi-layer encryptions that make payment safe.

  • Instant health insurance premium calculator: Having doubts about your annual premium? You can leverage the benefits of an online health insurance premium calculator that helps check coverage, and then make a well-researched decision of buying the right health insurance plan for your family. 

What Does Family Health Insurance Cover?

When you buy a comprehensive family health insurance, you are entitled to several benefits.

  • Sum Insured Rebound: This is a financial backup that recharges your exhausted health cover and strengthens your financial stability in case of a new illness requiring hospitalization. 

  • Cashless Home Health Care: If your treatment allows you the flexibility to get yourself treated at home, then certain insurance providers will help you with cashless medical care right in the comforts of your home. 

  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses: As an insurance holder, your pre-hospitalization expenses will be covered upto 60 days of admission and post-discharge expenses will be covered till 180 days.

  • AYUSH Benefits: If you are someone who is also investing in alternative therapies like Ayurveda, Unaani, Siddha and Homeopathy, there is no need to dive into your savings to pay for those. Certain insurance providers offer coverage for such treatments as well. After all, getting well is the ultimate goal. 

  • Day-Care Benefits: Many surgeries and treatments are completed within 24 hours and come under the daycare procedure. Your family health insurance plan will cover the cost in this case as well.  

  • Recovery Benefit: Certain treatments and procedures take more time than others, which can translate to financial losses. If you do your research right, you can come across insurance providers that pay for these miscellaneous financial losses as well. 

  • Save Tax*: Family health insurance plans and other plans not only protect your health, but also help you save tax! With the right insurance plans, you can save thousands of tax money.

  • No Entry Age Restriction: If you are a major, you are eligible to buy a family health insurance plan. 

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When Should You Buy Family Health Insurance?

The best time to buy a family health insurance policy was yesterday. Buying a plan for your family - whether it is just you and your spouse or you’re a family with children and elderly parents, buying an insurance plan at the earliestis the way to go.  And the reasons for buying your insurance early are:

  • Low premium rates: Buying insurance when you and your spouse are young can drastically lower the premium that you have to pay annually. As you grow older, the premium rises. 

  • Overall health care: Age is not always the primary reason behind an illness or hospitalization. Accidents, epidemics and much more can inflict damage on a young person’s health,which might require medical assistance. Having insurance early on will help cover such costs. 

  • Better financial planning: Buying a family health insurance plan at an early stage will help you save money that will otherwise be spent on medical expenses. It is a great tax-saving tool that can further build your bank balance for the future. 


All in all, a family health insurance planoffers holistic protection to you and your loved ones. So, buy HDFC ERGO health insurance now by visiting your nearest branch or the website Make sure you understand the application process well and consult an insurance expertif you have doubts. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly and choose a policy that best suits your needs.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales

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