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3 unexpected ailments that can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle

Some diseases have genetic connection, and some are more closely associated with the lifestyle. Even chronic diseases which were more common in specific geographical regions have become a rampant problem of the present generation in all parts of the world. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, lung diseases and even some types of cancers have more to do with unhealthy living in the present than with internal bodily changes

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The rate of cardiovascular diseases among those who migrated from low-risk countries to high-risk locations increased considerably over the last few years. It clearly indicates that along with the genetic reason, such diseases also have a connection with the change in lifestyle from healthy to unhealthy. Various environmental factors, along with diet and lifestyle determine what diseases people of a particular region are prone to.

The occupational world is getting more aware of the health hazards it is causing to its employees, and is organizing different awareness programs for the betterment of the way of working and living. One important aspect of these awareness programs is bringing more and more people under the coverage of health insurance. SSuch policies are like a preparation for the treatment of any accident or ailment in future. There are certain lifestyle-related diseases that can be controlled with little changes in daily habits and routine.

Type 2 Diabetes 

This type of diabetes has a lot to do with hereditary factors. Those who have a family history of type 2 diabetes are more susceptible to this disease. Unhealthy lifestyle further augments the chance of developing this disease. Obesity and lack of physical activity are the two major reasons for this disease in which body develops insulin resistance. Those who do exercise for a fixed interval of time every day, and include more of low-fat and high-fiber items in their diet can prevent the chance of acquiring type 2 diabetes considerably.

Cardiovascular Diseases 

According to a Journal of the American College of Cardiology, nearly three-fourth of cardiovascular diseases in women is caused due to unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, unhealthy eating and inactiveroutine take a toll on the functioning of the heart. The risk of higher blood pressure also increases with frequent smoking. The growing awareness for such diseases has made people quite particular about their diet and active routine. Even if when on the go, healthy diet has to be maintained by consuming readymade items, which are high in fiber and less in saturated fat. A check on smoking and alcohol consumption can make a remarkable difference in the functioning of the heart.

Fatty Liver Disease 

One of the most common causes of fatty liver disease is obesity, and unhealthy living is to be blamed for this. Obese individuals are at the greater risk of developing fatty liver diseases with inflammation. Over intake of alcohol is another cause for this disease. By adopting healthy living habits, such chronic disease condition can be avoided.

Though, people know enough about the importance of healthy living, it’s the busy schedule that stops them from adopting it completely. When spending more than 9 hours in office, one is left with very less time for exercise and other fitness activities. But, by adopting few healthier habits like, carrying tasty but nutritious food on the go, doing short movement exercises at the work station, and avoiding smoking and drinking can make a considerable change.

When prevention of diseases seemsa little difficult, it’s best to look for ways to ensure quick and safe cure. Getting Health Insurance Policy is even more important in the present scenario when unexpected ailments are knocking on the door. Health insurance plan providers promote the idea of taking the policy at the early stage of life to be insured for diseases that may develop with the changing lifestyle in future.

HDFC ERGO provides a comprehensive Health Suraksha policy that covers pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization charges along with doctor’s fees, hospital room rents and operation theatre charges. Even domiciliary treatment charges are a part of this policy. For those who want to go for Ayurvedic, Unani or Homeopathic treatment, this health insurance policy is an ideal solution, as it has no capping on the maximum limit.

With health insurance policy, one can concentrate more on speedy recovery than on arranging finances in the last minute. It is a great help not only for patients but also for their family members who can then devote more time on their care. Diseases come without invitation, and so can be tackled with the best health insurance plan.

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