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10 things You Should Know on World Heart Day

World Heart Day was celebrated on September 29 to raise awareness of heart-related disease and the importance of early detection. The Day is especially important to India, as we have become one of the leading heart disease-contracting population.

The risk of cardiovascular disease has almost doubled in India since the1990s. Health journal The Lancet’s September 2018 issue says India saw a rise from 1.3 million heart-related deaths in 1990 to 2.8 million deaths in 2016, as reported in a Business Standard article. Those dying were less than 70 years old, the study found.

Heart Disease: A Costly Affair

The disease is also deadly because of the crushing impact it has on the wallet. When it comes to treatments in India, be it for blood pressure or diabetes, or minor to major surgeries, it can cost anywhere from a few thousands to a few lakhs.

The study found many people diagnosed with a pre-existing heart condition did not continue their medication if the symptoms disappeared for a while. This apathy was mainly seen in high-poverty states where the per capita income was lower than the average.

So, to avoid surprises, start fortifying yourself from all directions, be it health or finances.

HDFC Ergo has put together a small list that can help you plan better for any eventuality.

The Protection You Need: 10 Ways Insurance Helps

  • Your greatest defence against heart disease is the knowledge you gather and the systems you put into place against it. When planning, remember to include insurance as the protection against hefty medical bills.

  • A good health insurance can offer other unexpected benefits. Along with providing a cover against treatments, insurance helps increase awareness by letting insurers know various ways they could be at risk.

  • To benefit from lowest premiums, remember to start health insurance plans at an early age. This will also help get cover for critical illnesses and accidental death or disability.

  • And don’t wait for a disease to tell you that you need better health. HDFC ERGO has brought out a wellness app to monitor your eating habits and nutrition intake. Use it to set up a progress plan.

  • As a way to promote awareness of the Insured’s health, the Wellness App also includes disease management and health coach services for pre-existing conditions such as heart and cardiovascular diseases.

  • When seeking treatment, an extensive grid of hospitals in your health insurance will help you access solutions with the costs covered when you go for referrals or procedures. Depend on policies such as HDFC ERGO chooses from a network of 10,000+ hospitals.

  • For insurance to work best, you need to determine the right policy coverage for you, accounting for your age, pre-existing conditions, and any health scares. HDFC Ergo offers pre-policy health check up under its health plans for you to get the policy that best serves your needs.

  • Ensure your health policy allows coverage of emergency treatment, and planned procedures . In this regard, HDFC Ergo has planned for it all.

  • Make sure your policy ensures maximum coverage from pre-hospitalisation to discharge. HDFC Ergo policies cover outpatient consultation, X-ray scans, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasound nursing, physicians, medicines, and other diagnostic needs.

  • Enjoy the additional benefits of being with HDFC ERGO. For example, you can avail a free health check-up on every renewal and ensure you are up to date with the vitals of your heart health.

Now, you too can fight the evil of cardiovascular disease by working on your health and by making HDFC ERGO your preferred  brand in getting a comprehensive health cover that will support you in multiple ways.

Disclaimer: The above information is for illustrative purpose only. For more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before concluding the sales

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