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10 Things to Note While Renewing Your Health Insurance Policy

Buying a health insurance to safeguard your family is a responsible step taken in the right direction. But do you know for your policy to remain valid, you also need to renew it every year?

Here are some key points that you must keep in mind at the time of renewal of health insurance:

Follow a healthy diet

Consider your health insurance policy renewal of utmost importance. Ideally the policy renewal request should be put in about 45 days prior to the date of renewal. Although most policy providers offer a grace period of 1 month, but waiting till the last minute may lead to you failing to renew even in the health insurance policy grace period.

Changes in the number of insured members

A health insurance renewal is the best time to add or remove any members from your policy coverage. You may want to add a parent or kids for tax benefits.

Option to increase the sum insured

You can put in the request to increase your insured sum of amount at the time of policy renewal. HDFC ERGO health insurance renewal online offers various flexible plans to upgrade your health insurance as per your current family needs.

Adding top up plans

If for any reason you feel that your current health insurance policy is not enough, you have an option of adding top up plans at the time of policy renewal to increase your benefits.

Check for any changes in terms and conditions of your policy

Insurance regulations and terms may change due to changes in company policies or government regulations. Stay informed rather than getting surprised by the changes at the time of an emergency.

Analyze your health insurance requirements

A medical insurance renewal is a good time to analyze the current status of your health and that of the members insured to make alterations in your policy as needed.

Disclosure of any new illness to the insurance company

If you or any insured family member has a new ailment or illness, you must inform your insurance provider.

Updated documents have to be ready

Make sure at the time of renewal you have all the required documents ready. You may need a policy renewal notice, your policy number and a valid mode of payment.

Consider the option of portability

At the time of your policy renewal, if you want to change your insurance provider you can do that without losing any of the previously gained benefits.

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